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Wake Leads Nation in National Board Certified Teachers


December 11, 2018

In December 2018, 106 WCPSS teachers earned National Board Certification according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. In addition, 121 teachers who already had received their National Board Certification earned renewal of their certifications.

For the 13th consecutive year, our district has the highest number of National Board Certified teachers in the country. More than 2,000 teachers have earned this high distinction while working in our district. This success is thanks in part to the support we provide to candidates at every step of the process, from initial candidacy through renewal.

Statewide, 557 teachers achieved this “gold standard” in teaching in 2018. These teachers are part of the second group to certify under a revised process, which is now more affordable and flexible. Under this new process, teachers now have up to three years to complete board certification, as opposed to one year in the previous process.

Our district also is the first in the nation to partner with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to create a program designed to support third-year teachers as they prepare to pursue board certification. In the district’s Beginner to Board-Certified program, participants attend professional development sessions throughout the year as a cohort and move together through the certification process starting in the fourth year of their career. 

Seeking National Board Certification demands significant time and effort from a teacher. The process requires teachers to analyze their teaching practices and impact on student learning, to take on leadership roles and to collaborate with their peers. The National Board Certification program is built upon the belief that establishing higher standards for teachers means better learning for students.

Once a candidate becomes a National Board Certified Teacher, he or she is eligible for a 12 percent pay increase from the state.

Under the new process, National Board Certification must be renewed every five years.

Newly certified teachers, along with those receiving renewals this year, will be honored at a celebration in March.

For more information about National Board certification, visit

Congratulations to the following teachers who earned or renewed National Board Certification in 2018:


A.B. Combs Magnet Elementary

Jacqueline Isadore (Renewal)

Abbotts Creek Elementary

Christine Bigelow (Renewal)
Donna Liefer (Renewal)
Jennifer Muttillo (Renewal) 

Alston Ridge Elementary

Megan Gress
Lisa Kaszycki (Renewal)
Ann Lane (Renewal)

Apex Friendship High

Andrea Spaulding (Renewal)
Deborah Mallard

Apex Friendship Middle

Kimberly Tierney (Renewal)

Apex High

Christina Zack
Russell Duncan (Renewal)

Apex Middle

Sharon Baumgarten
Andrew MacWilliams
Ronnie Williams (Renewal)

Athens Drive Magnet High

Sandra Childrey (Renewal)
Angela Clarke (Renewal)
Jennifer Dutton
Justin Kulow (Renewal)
Sherry Wantz (Renewal)
Shannon Wilkins

Baileywick Elementary

Julia Rucci (Renewal)

Banks Road Elementary

Deanna Torrey

Brassfield Elementary

Karla Anderson

Brentwood Magnet Elementary 

Emily Hardee (Renewal)
David Jones (Renewal)
Dana Scobie
Kimberly Smitley

Broughton Magnet High

Babs Nichols (Renewal)
Katalin Rich

Brier Creek Elementary

Mary Elizabeth Robinson (Renewal)

Bryan Road Elementary

Anita McAuley (Renewal)

Buckhorn Creek Elementary

Annmarie Waters

Bugg Magnet Elementary

Melinda Thumm (Renewal)

Carroll Magnet Middle

Nashonda Bender-Cooke (Renewal)

Carver Elementary

Nikki Berry (Renewal)

Cary Elementary

Carson Anderson

Cary High

Caroline Love (Renewal)
Cindy Strader (Renewal)
Donald Thomas (Renewal)
Allyson Young (Renewal)

Cedar Fork Elementary

Jill Huffman (Renewal)

Counseling and Student Services

Kishia James (Renewal)

Creech Road Elementary

Jessica Black

Daniels Magnet Middle

Hannah Powell

Dillard Drive Elementary

Angela Griffin (Renewal)
Christa Liso

Douglas Magnet Elementary

Amelia Sheaffer
Kelli Williams


Durant Road Middle
Ada Deen (Renewal)
Amy Myers (Renewal)

East Cary Middle

Kimberly Cole-Brown

East Millbrook Magnet Middle

Michael Ferguson

East Wake Middle

Kailyn Macomber

Enloe Magnet High

Joshua Edwards
Amber Kulasingam (Renewal)
Debra Richards (Renewal)
Raymond Samuels (Renewal)
Charles Small
Courtney Tojo

Farmington Woods Magnet Elementary

Adria Dula (Renewal)
Cara Little

Forest Pines Elementary

Michelle Cunningham (Renewal)
Laura Privette (Renewal)

Forestville Elementary

Vanessa Allen (Renewal)

Fox Road Magnet Elementary

Anthony Pirrocco


Fuquay Varina-Elementary

Melissa Green (Renewal)

Fuquay-Varina High

Kelsey Furse
Lindsey Kamal
Patricia Moore
Rebecca Subat (Renewal)

Fuquay-Varina Middle

Jodi Marshall (Renewal)
Beth Selig (Renewal)

Garner Magnet High
Ted Hope (Renewal)
Karen Hinz (Renewal)
Jennifer Norris (Renewal)
Melissa Olin (Renewal)
Racheal Pate (Renewal)
Shannon Poole
Marah Sims

Green Magnet Elementary
Jack Neiger


Green Hope Elementary
Belinda Williams (Renewal)


Green Hope High
Nancy Lassiter

Brooke Little (Renewal)

Caroline Moakley
Gregory O'brien (Renewal)
Leslie Rael (Renewal)
Colin Richardson


Harris Creek Elementary
Pamela Smith

Heritage High
Alison Stachowicz-Marshall (Renewal)
Camber Starling
Theresa Tate (Renewal)

Heritage Middle
Stephen Abe
Christopher Serwinski (Renewal)
Justin Walker

Highcroft Drive Elementary
Madonna Fitzgerald
Heather Marinello(Renewal)
Elizabeth McMillan
Jacquelyn Soifer
Ari Zahavi

Hilburn Drive Academy
Melissa Bowman

Holly Grove Middle
Jennifer Bisozio
Teresa Mara (Renewal)
Matthew Robinson

Chris Yi 


Holly Ridge Middle
Wendy Cranford (Renewal)
Joseph Fulghum (Renewal)
Valita Papes (Renewal)
Katherine Smyre (Renewal)


Holly Springs Elementary
Courtney Bjornstad
Lindsay Vollmin


Holly Springs High
Kara Gensor (Renewal)
Kelly O'Hara (Renewal)
Brandon Rhodes


Human Resources
Carolann Wade (Renewal)


Hunter Magnet Elementary
Kristin Hord
Chad Oliver (Renewal)


Jeffreys Grove Elementary
Cynthia Nanni (Renewal)


Knightdale High
Kristel Behrend


Lacy Elementary
Christian Boyce-Inscoe (Renewal)
Staci Pollock (Renewal)

Lake Myra Elementary
Tokay Allen


Laurel Park Elementary
Wendy Dierk (Renewal)
Jennifer Sonstroem (Renewal)

Lead Mine Elementary
Jenna Gray

Leesville Road High
Sarah Cade
Susan Duncan (Renewal)
Christine Killela (Renewal)
Katherine Meeks


Leesville Road Middle
Leslie Schwartz


Leesville Road Elementary
Penny Pate (Renewal)

Lynn Road Elementary
Melissa Snow


Martin Magnet Middle
Margaret Bennett

Middle Creek High
Robert Arthur (Renewal)
Renee Cholkar


Millbrook Magnet Elementary
Tracy Brumble (Renewal)

Millbrook Magnet High
Dustin Adams
Bridget Callan
Genevieve Capers (Renewal)
Bruce Mamel (Renewal)


Mills Park Elementary
Patricia Daddona (Renewal)


Mills Park Middle
Alyson Adams
Natascha Brooks
Melissa Michaud (Renewal)
Stefanie White

North Forest Pines Elementary
Deborah Murphy (Renewal)


North Garner Middle
Katie Garland
Tami Walker (Renewal)


North Ridge Elementary
Danielle Osterstrom (Renewal)


Oak Grove Elementary
Karen Jordan-Jarrett (Renewal)


Oakview Elementary
Nathan Carter


Olive Chapel Elementary
Marcia Ferreira (Renewal)


Mary E. Phillips High
Robert Escamilla (Renewal)
Keiba Nimmons (Renewal)


Panther Creek High
Casey Bagaasen
Dorothy Burden
James Gross (Renewal)
Dana Kaushik
Felicia Moore (Renewal)
Paul Scruggs (Renewal)

Penny Road Elementary
Kira Hamilton

Pine Hollow Middle
Justin Osterstrom (Renewal)
Leana Stone
Kristen Ziller (Renewal)

Pleasant Grove Elementary
Evelyn Bussell (Renewal)
Mary Swan


Pleasant Union Elementary

Betina Clark (Renewal)
Rachel Haley
Keri Woronka (Renewal)

Powell Magnet Elementary
Katelyn West


Rand Road Elementary
Laura McDougal (Renewal)

Reedy Creek Magnet Middle
Mark Mosley

River Oaks Middle
Lauren Huber


Rogers Lane Elementary

Meredith Fychok

Krystal Holmes


Rolesville Middle
Ryan Pentoney
Jenna Peterson

Salem Elementary
Joyce Flynn

Salem Middle
Brian Fisher (Renewal)
Larisa Gilmore
Kimberly House (Renewal)

Sanderson High
Megan Gavin (Renewal)
Beth Philemon

Sanford Creek Elementary
Jessica Bozza
Margaret Carlisi (Renewal)
Deanne Cooper
Gina Haines (Renewal)


Scotts Ridge Elementary
Colleen Kanters (Renewal)


Southeast Raleigh Magnet High
Michelle Pace

Special Education Services
Wanda Barnett (Renewal)
Sherry Cataldo (Renewal)


Stough Magnet Elementary
Mathew Hooker

Sycamore Creek Elementary
Jessica Hanlin
Jennifer Legoullon (Renewal)


Turner Creek Elementary
Jennifer Burdette (Renewal)
Susan Parent (Renewal)


Vance Elementary
Lindsy Lassere

Wake Forest Elementary
Judith King


Wake Forest High
Laura Inscoe (Renewal)
Samantha Pontrelli (Renewal)


Wakefield Elementary
Melissa Darrow (Renewal)


Wakefield Middle
India Williams (Renewal)

Wake STEM Early College
Kristina Lupher

Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy
Heather Barkley
Stuart Gordon

Wakefield High
Shelli Clark
Christina Goodson
Adam Mills

Washington Magnet Elementary
Nathalie Ludwig

Weatherstone Elementary
Sean Hogan
Jomarie Zon (Renewal)

Wendell Magnet Elementary
Mary Adams (Renewal)

West Lake Middle
Jennifer Kelsey (Renewal)
Elizabeth Nash (Renewal)

West Millbrook Magnet Middle
Greta Kimel
Denise Seroka (Renewal)

White Oak Elementary
Chelsea Sullivan

Wilburn Elementary
Tabitha Barnekow (Renewal)
Amber Pearce

Wiley Magnet Elementary
Karen Rose


Willow Springs Elementary
Alison Vankerckhove (Renewal)


York Elementary
Kelsie Ferguson


Zebulon Magnet Elementary
Emily Smith (Renewal)


Zebulon Magnet Middle
Audra Ndiku (Renewal)