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Our teachers are tops in the country - again

Dec. 4, 2015 

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards announced today 48 of our teachers have recently earned the highest distinction in teaching - National Board Certification.


That brings the total number of teachers achieving this “gold standard” in teaching while working in WCPSS to 2,509. For the past decade, we have had the highest number of National Board Certified Teachers in the country.


In addition, 100 of our teachers who had already received their National Board Certification earned renewal certification.


Seeking National Board Certification demands significant time and effort from a teacher. In addition to their full-time teaching jobs, the process takes 200-400 hours to complete. They are required to analyze their teaching practices, impact on student learning, take on leadership roles, and collaborate with their peers. The National Board program is built upon the belief that establishing higher standards for teachers means better learning for students.


Once a candidate becomes a National Board Certified Teacher, he or she is eligible for a 12 percent pay increase from the state.


Certifications must be renewed every 10 years.


Newly certified teachers, along with those receiving renewals this year, will be honored at a celebration to be held on Feb. 24, 2016.


For more information about National Board certification, visit
Congratulations to these amazing teachers: 
Adams Elementary 
June Hurt (Renewed)
Alston Ridge Elementary
Judith Stewart
Apex Elementary
Vivian Magarino (Renewed)
Apex Friendship High 
Tamar Johnson
Erin Lawrence

Apex High
Cara Dolan (Renewed)
Bobbie Neff (Renewed)
Athens Drive High
Donna McPhillips
Alice Selim
Abbey Wood

Banks Road Elementary
Nichole Mathis (Renewed)
Brier Creek Elementary
Aubrey Mccoy
Brooks Museums Magnet Elementary
Elizabeth Brown
Broughton High 
Melinda Stewart
Carolyn Dukes (Renewed)
Carnage Middle 
Matthew Pellas (Renewed)
Carpenter Elementary
Susan Wiedenman (Renewed)
Cary Elementary
Lori Shaw (Renewed)
Cary High 
Joel Rehm
Centennial Campus Middle
Durenda Johnson Ward
Combs Elementary
Chelsea Boughton
Angela Headley (Renewed)
Conn Elementary 
Carla Massengill (Renewed)
Davis Drive Middle 
Scott Nilsen
Elizabeth Crowell (Renewed)
Dillard Drive Middle 
Mary Cummens (Renewed)
Douglas Elementary 
Sara Ridings (Renewed)
Mary Turner (Renewed)
Durant Road Elementary 
Kenneth Hamilton (Renewed)
East Cary Middle 
Courtney Rudder (Renewed)
Linda Van Gombos (Renewed)
East Garner Middle 
Melissa Hockaday (Renewed)
East Wake High 
Robyn Deiaco
Enloe High 
Priscilla Chappell (Renewed)
Qiang Chen (Renewed)
Jennifer Slusser (Renewed)
Forestville Elementary 
Sonia Solomon (Renewed)
Fox Road Elementary
Melissa Krassy
Fuquay-Varina High
Jennifer Anderson
Ryan Carolan
Lauren Haney
Kelli Murphy
Carole Barber (Renewed)
Garner High 
Sarah Greene
Amy Bennett (Renewed)
Mary Brown (Renewed)
Jeffrey Costa (Renewed)
Jane House (Renewed)
Green Hope High 
Benjamin Rush (Renewed)
Heritage High 
Russell May
Premi Singh
Margaret Handest (Renewed)
Deirdra Williams (Renewed)
Highcroft Drive Elementary 
Melissa Melvin
Hodge Road Elementary 
Emily Spencer (Renewed)
Holly Grove Middle 
Diane Day (Renewed)
Holly Ridge Middle 
Erica Enns (Renewed)
Angela Wallace (Renewed)
Holly Springs Elementary
Megan Watson
Holly Springs High 
William Mcconnell
Jennifer Patchett
Leslie Horne (Renewed) 
Melissa Champion Hurst (Renewed)
Jan Powell (Renewed)
Stephen Rasey (Renewed)
Heather Vinson (Renewed)
Hunter Elementary
Kate Newkirk
Jones Dairy Elementary 
Marsha Timberlake (Renewed)
K-12 Education
Freddie Heath (Renewed)
Kingswood Elementary 
Shawna Scipione
Knightdale Elementary 
Amy Batey (Renewed)
Knightdale High 
Bethanie Carlson (Renewed)
Lacy Elementary 
Lesley Wade (Renewed)
Lake Myra Elementary 
Melissa Pearce
Janet Mitchell (Renewed)
Laurel Park Elementary 
Lisa Fellman
Leesville Road High 
Sandra Hunt (Renewed)
Stephanie Langlois (Renewed)
Lincoln Heights Elementary 
Christianne Stooks (Renewed)
Lufkin Road Middle 
Melissa Curry
Lynn Road Elementary 
Jennifer Taylor (Renewed)
Martin Middle 
Maryann Martin
Middle Creek Elementary 
Melvin Robinson (Renewed)
Millbrook Elementary 
Kawisha Thompson
Mary Jane Thompson
Millbrook High 
Christy Blankenship
Emily Belcher (Renewed)
Matthew Crawley (Renewed)
Mills Park Middle 
Janice Kidd (Renewed)
Heather Milligan (Renewed)
Tony Powell (Renewed)
Melinda Tomasevich (Renewed)
Morrisville Elementary 
Jennifer Lucot (Renewed)
Mt. Vernon Middle 
Frances Hughes (Renewed)
Beth Campbell
North Forest Pines Elementary 
Elizabeth Wilson
Oak Grove Elementary 
Melinda Goodwin (Renewed)
Olds Elementary 
Danielle Hill
Olive Chapel Elementary 
Sandra Burnham (Renewed)
Panther Creek High 
Tamara O'Briant (Renewed)
Partnership Elementary 
Amanda Helton (Renewed)
Penny Road Elementary 
Jeanna Leauma
Phillips High 
Juan Diaz (Renewed)
Shelley Godwin (Renewed)
Pleasant Union Elementary 
Carrie Stepnoski (Renewed)
Reedy Creek Elementary 
Christine Rahn (Renewed)
Richland Creek Elementary 
Roxanne Gallup (Renewed)
River Bend Elementary 
Maria Castro (Renewed)
Rolesville High 
Jeanne Pastorius (Renewed)
Salem Elementary 
Jamie Gray (Renewed)
Caroline Hoffman (Renewed)
Robyn Soriano-Lillis (Renewed)
Salem Middle 
Kerri Bridges (Renewed)
Shannon Taylor (Renewed)
Sanderson High 
Courtney Ammons (Renewed)
Raymond Lewis (Renewed)
Stephanie Rhodes (Renewed)
Sanford Creek Elementary 
Jessica Armstrong
Scotts Ridge Elementary 
Erin Martin (Renewed)
Brian Sumner (Renewed)
Timber Drive Elementary 
Lakeesha Tyson
Turner Creek Elementary 
Denise Laporta (Renewed)
Underwood Elementary 
Cecilia Raphael-O'Loughlin
Vance Elementary 
Christine Maroclo (Renewed)
Vernon Malone College And Career Academy
Erin Johnson (Renewed)
Wake Early College of Health and Sciences
Leah Tonissen
Wake Forest High 
Laura Hartman (Renewed)
Ramona Jenner (Renewed)
Teresa Solomon (Renewed)
Wake Forest Middle 
Melanie Kline (Renewed)
Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy
Peter Snow (Renewed)
Wake Stem Early College High 
Jennifer Parker (Renewed)
Wakefield Elementary 
Elizabeth Gilliam (Renewed)
Wakefield High 
Melissa Clark
Richard Krassy
Emmanuel Lipscomb
Paul Spain
Jennifer Holland (Renewed)
Wakefield Middle 
Meredith Furr
Wendell Middle 
Margaret Taylor (Renewed)
West Lake Elementary 
Cynthia Clavijo (Renewed)
Stephanie Moore (Renewed)
West Lake Middle 
Cheryl Bailey (Renewed)
Wiley Elementary 
Catherine Mccann (Renewed)
Eman Ziada Brandt (Renewed)
Willow Springs Elementary 
Megan Lewis (Renewed)
Leah Wright (Renewed)
York Elementary 
Jenny Matonic (Renewed)
Suzanna Sitton Greene (Renewed)