Career and College Promise

CCP Information

  • The 2021 Summer Career and College Promise (CCP) Dual Enrollment Application is completely online.

    CCP Important Dates and Deadlines (subject to change): 

    • March 23-25: WTCC Open House 
    • April 15: CCP Self-Registration Opens (Summer and Fall) *Students can begin to register for courses.*
    • April 24: CCP Application Form Deadline - New Students (Summer Only) 
    • May 7: CCP Self-Registration & EV Form Deadline (Summer Only) 
      May 19: First Day of Class (Summer)
    • June 11: CCP Application Form Deadline - New Students (Fall Only) 
    • July 23: CCP Self-Registration & EV Form Deadline (Fall Only)

    CCP Steps:

    1. See overview on the Career and College Promise website

    2. Read the  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    3. Use your personal email address on the application. Make sure it is a business-like email address.
      Remember you are entering into a new phase of life. Your email address is also a reflection of you.

    4. Request your transcript from
      (More instructions on how to do this are on this page.)

    5. Important: In the special Instructions/Comments section, write "Send a confidential copy to me to upload for my WTCC CCP application."
      (Proceed to checkout regardless if it shows a charge of $5.00.)  Charges incur after a student has requested 3 transcripts.

    6. Upload the transcript to the application portal as a PDF or as a jpeg picture.

    7. If you are applying to the CCP program, email  Ms. Hall, CCP Liaison, at  (from your school email address).