•  Driver's Education Eligibility

    Please read and understand all information on this page before going to Student Services or attempting to go to DMV for your learner´s permit!

    Driver Eligibility Certificates are valid for 30 days only. Please submit completed driver eligibility certificates to DMV before the 30-day deadline. If you know you are not going to DMV within 30 days or you are not going to be 15 years old within 30 days, please wait until you are ready to get your learner´s permit before starting this process.

    Students must pass 3 of 4 courses at SRHS to obtain a validation seal on the driver eligibility certificate. If you fail two or more courses at SRHS or you drop out of school before your 18th birthday you will not get your driver eligibility certificate validated and you will lose your driving privileges if you already have them.

    Certificates will be processed only on Tuesday and Thursday morning of each week during normal school days. Take your paperwork before school and you may pick up your validated certificate during your lunch period or after school at Student Services.

    During the summer, you may drop paperwork off any day during the week, but driver eligibility certificates will be processed only on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

    Please follow these steps in obtaining your Driver Eligibility Certificate:

    1. After completing both the classroom and driving phases of driver education, students need to take their driver education certificate to  Student Services, room 107, to pick up a driver eligibility certificate to take home for parents to review and sign.

    2. Parents, Acting Parents or Guardians are required to print their name, sign their name and date the upper portion of the driver eligibility certificate.

    3. VERY IMPORTANT! Take the following items with you when going to validate your eligibility certificate: (A) your parent signed Driving Eligibility Certificate (B) your driver education certificate, (C) a copy of your birth certificate and (D) a copy of your most recently completed semester´s report card (December or June report cards only)

    Please contact Student Services, for additional information on Driver Eligibility Certificates if needed.