Bus Protocols

  • When using school transportation, please be mindful of the following three things.

    1. Students must arrive 15 minutes before the listed time to ensure making the bus.  The bus could be up to 30 minutes after this time as well.

    2. Students must fill out, print, and bring the Covid Attestation Form to the bus stop.

    3. Buses will start bringing students home in the afternoon around 1:00 pm.

    4. Please continue scrolling for more information from the school district.

Bus Routes

  • Students and parents may access individual Transportation information in Powerschool. Look for the Transportation tab in the menu on the left of the homescreen when you sign in to Powerschool. There, you will see:

    • Your bus route number
    • Your stop information
    • An expected time the bus will arrive at your stop

    You may also look for bus route information and pick the stop closest to your home if you do not have Powerschool access.

Activity Buses

Activity Buses normally run on Mondays-Thursdays, so students who stay after school on Fridays must provide their own transportation.