WBL Opportunities

  • Work-Based Learning (WBL) Opportunities

    We have many ways that students can learn about careers, including internships and off-site learning opportunities.

    Apprenticeships & Internships
    for Corporations & Small Businesses

    Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School’s Engineering Academy’s rising seniors have learned the fundamentals of engineering, CAD, drafting, and state of the art technology tools through their course work and are motivated and eager to apply them in your business environment. Engineering Academy students will be required to successfully complete an apprenticeship or internship in an engineering/technical environment during their junior and senior years.


    • Benefits for a Company or Corporation:

      • Increase name recognition for your company’s community involvement
      • A cost effective means of completing a special project that your current staff is too busy to tackle
      • A fresh perspective on problems with current industry knowledge
      • An opportunity to provide students with "real-world" experience to complement their academic preparation
      • Influences next gen STEM professionals to consider your brand
      • Give your employees a greater sense of purpose
      • Public relations benefit
      • Gain insights to the thought patterns of the next generation
      • Use of the WCPSS Career Academy brand for recruitment
      • Giving back to Minority communities

      Our "Pre-engineers" have completed the following:

      • Visualization and Drafting Skills
      • Problem Solving & Teamwork Skills
      • Math, Science, and Tech Skills
      • CAD with Autodesk Inventor
      • Collaborative & Industry Related Projects
      • Engineering Design Process

      Cost of Hiring an Apprentice or Intern:

      • Apprenticeships & internships can be paid or unpaid positions – Full time or Part time
      • Typical wages range between $7.50-$10 hr. for an internship (minimum 135 hrs. required) and apprenticeship varies between companies
      • Wake County Public School System has insurance coverage on all students who participate in work-based learning activities, each student is covered with a $1,000,000 liability policy

      Getting Started:

      • Contact the Engineering Academy Coordinator, John Geraghty (jgeraghty@wcpss.net)
      • Provide the Coordinator with a brief job description along with qualifications and requirements
      • We can work with your temporary employment agency to hire student apprentices or interns
      • Students are pre-screened by the school staff for workplace readiness
      • Your company will typically interview candidates prior to selection

      During the Apprenticeship or Internship:

      • Ensure interns feel welcome
      • Concise and measurable learning objectives are created together by the employer and student
      • Interns are assigned challenging projects and tasks along with adequate supervision
      • Students will be monitored by an offsite Engineering Academy supervisor in addition to an on-site company supervisor

      After the Apprenticeship or Internship:

      • Verify the number of hours students have worked
      • Complete an evaluation on the student and the program
      • Attend apprenticeship or internship presentation