• We try to offer off-site learning opportunities (OLE's) every semester for our students through their engineering courses. Sometimes due to scheduling, snow days and other factors, OLE's are not possible. OLE permission forms must be submitted 48 hours prior to the OLE as many of our trips are to secure facilities and that is their requirement not ours. Next school year the OLE permission form deadline will be 5 days before the school field trip. If a teacher/director is absent, all forms may go in their mailboxes through the school's front office or in the bin hanging outside the director's office.

    • GE Aviation

    • Harris Nuclear

    • NCSU Materials Testing Lab

    • X-treme Beginnings

    • Eaton Corporation

    • Siemens

    • Dempsey Water Treatment

    • DOT Career Day

    • NCSU Freshman Engineering Design Day

    We have a dress code for all field trips, job shadowing and internships.

  • OLE Photos


    General Electric Field Trip March 2015

    GE Field Trip Image 1  
     GE Field Trip Image 2