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WCPSS continues to lead nation in National Board Certified teachers

February 8, 2022


In December of 2021, 96 WCPSS teachers earned National Board Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBTS). In addition, 161 of our Board Certified teachers earned renewal.


For the past 16 years, our district has had the highest number of National Board Certified teachers in the country. More than 3,000 teachers have earned this high distinction while working in our district. 


North Carolina also is first in the nation for educators earning this “gold standard” in teaching in 2021. Statewide, 399 teachers earned initial National Board Certification last year. Certified educators navigate a rigorous process that requires deep reflection on their personal teaching practices and impact on student learning. The process also requires a significant commitment of time outside of regular classroom responsibilities.


All National Board Certified teachers in North Carolina are eligible for a 12 percent pay increase from the state. National Board Certification must be renewed every five years.


In 2015, our district became the first in the nation to partner with the NBTS to create a Beginner to Board-Certified program. The program provides third-year teachers professional development and a cohort of colleagues to collaborate with as they pursue Board certification starting in the fourth year of their career. Since the program’s inception, seven cohorts of teachers have successfully moved through the certification process together.


Newly certified teachers, along with those receiving renewals this year, will be honored at a celebration in March.


Congratulations to the following teachers who earned or renewed Board certification in 2021:


Alston Ridge Elementary School

Evelyn Greenman

Hana Kamiya - renewal

Christina Slavinsky - renewal


Alston Ridge Middle School

Heather Covington - renewal


Apex Friendship High School

Paula Americo

Branden Green - renewal

Melanie McFerrin - renewal

Johnny Vargas - renewal

Matthew Yaeger


Apex Friendship Middle School

Rachel Jones - renewal

Floyd Rice

Ashlyn Scruggs


Apex High School

Andrea Hampton - renewal

Jana Hill - renewal

Keri Pannell - renewal


Apex Middle School

Aimee Beavers - renewal

Michael Combs - renewal

Stephen Combs - renewal

Lynn Flood - renewal

Kathleen Mancini - renewal

Carol Mohn - renewal

Amy Oxendine - renewal

Mary Rebando - renewal

Shannon Simpson


Athens Drive High School

Elizabeth Logsdon

Elizabeth Ray

Rachel Shelton


Ballentine Elementary School

Shannon Chapman

Sharma Vinta


Banks Road Elementary School

Somer Alford - renewal

Meghan Bright - renewal

Julie Sheleheda - renewal

Kristina Soltiz - renewal


Barwell Road Elementary School

Brett Dixon - renewal


Baucom Elementary School

Elizabeth Frost

Dana Sleeth


Brassfield Elementary School

Laura DeFranco - renewal

Stacy Kessler - renewal

Krista Russo Chern - renewal


Brentwood Elementary School

Carolyn Brooks - renewal


Brooks Elementary School

Megan Bruce - renewal

Brittan Gourley

Heather Lilley - renewal

Holly Renigaar - renewal


Bryan Road Elementary School

Katherine Walton - renewal


Bugg Elementary School

Lioubov Tyer


Carnage Middle School

Hannah Parker


Carpenter Elementary School

Lisa Giannone-Poirier - renewal


Carroll Middle School

Haley Garvis


Carver Elementary School

Amber Wise


Cary Elementary School

Melissa Bachman

Elizabeth Dingler - renewal

Cary High School

Lisa Huffman - renewal

Joshua Mann

Jilla Peasley - renewal

Edward Yasick - renewal


Cedar Fork Elementary School

Brooke Mistretta


Connections Academy

Carrie Hall - renewal


Creech Road Elementary School

Lauren Hippo


Davis Drive Middle School

Bryan Fulford - renewal

Shwety Goswami - renewal

Carrie Jones - renewal


Dillard Drive Elementary School

Holli Tyner

Heather Smith - renewal


Dillard Drive Middle School

Lisa Bartels - renewal

Erika Mukenge


Douglas Elementary School

Jessica Vaughan

Maggie Yearout - renewal


Durant Road Elementary School

Kerry Shearer


Durant Road Middle School

Kathleen Vanscoy - renewal


East Cary Middle School

Christina Reynolds - renewal


East Garner Middle School

LaConya Best - renewal


East Millbrook Middle School

Katrina Maida - renewal

East Wake High School

Cassie Neal - renewal

Amy Parker


Enloe High School

Patricia Miller - renewal 

Adriana Quesada


Farmington Woods Elementary School

Alison DiOrio - renewal

Katie Herrema - renewal


Fuquay-Varina Elementary School

Kimberly Lane - renewal


Fuquay-Varina High School

Shelby Cole - renewal

Gail Siemer

Kendra Yearick


Fuquay-Varina Middle School

Amanda Fox - renewal


Garner High School

Michelle Rivero

Paul Verstrat - renewal


Green Hope Elementary School

Julie Wesner


Green Hope High School

Alice Ju


Harris Creek Elementary School

Jolene Dolan - renewal


Heritage Elementary School

Melissa John - renewal

Kathryn Lineberry - renewal

Pamela Marks - renewal


Heritage High School

Mary Cowley - renewal


Heritage Middle School

Susan Falwell - renewal

Michelle Fitzpatrick - renewal

Margaret Zulick

Highcroft Elementary School

Alexandria Curfman

Allison McClelland


Hilburn Drive Academy

Natalie White


Holly Grove Elementary School

Tamela Maas

Jennifer Rogers


Holly Grove Middle School

Debra Schelin - renewal


Holly Ridge Elementary School

Jennifer Kirschbaum - renewal

Megan Skamperle - renewal


Holly Ridge Middle School

Janet Webb - renewal


Holly Springs Elementary School

Jeannie Simonds - renewal


Holly Springs High School

Elizabeth Boliek - renewal

Kristina Brown - renewal

Belinda Crawford - renewal

Barbara Flohr


Hortons Creek Elementary School

Kelly Dickerson - renewal

Mary Griffin


Hunter Elementary School

Emily Casey

Alicia Tanceusz - renewal

Kimberly Williamson - renewal


Joyner Elementary School

Christina Bell - renewal 

Kathryn Brooks - renewal

Emily Dawson


Knightdale Elementary School

Cynthia Natale - renewal

Lacy Elementary School

Margaret Bunn

Cara Sadin - renewal

Deborah Slais - renewal


Lake Myra Elementary School

Carla Baptista Tavares

LaDawn Pugh - renewal


Laurel Park Elementary School

Ashley Truskowski


Lead Mine Elementary School

Elizabeth Newton - renewal

Adrienne Ruckser - renewal

Katelin Shaffer

Candice Volland - renewal


Leesville Road Elementary School

Julia Bove - renewal

Karli Eller - renewal

Pamela Rose - renewal


Leesville Road High School

Kimberly Arwood - renewal

Tonya Eastman - renewal

Susan Ennis - renewal

Jill Walton - renewal


Leesville Road Middle School

Rebecca Belcastro


Lincoln Heights Elementary School

Kiersten Traylor


Lufkin Road Middle School

Elizabeth Barlow - renewal

Stephanie Eidson


Martin Middle School

John Sajben - renewal


Mary E. Phillips High School

Valerie Nelson


Middle Creek Elementary School

Rhonda Grode


Middle Creek High School

Peter Briley - renewal

Lori Wagoner


Millbrook High School

Paula Abbott - renewal

Mary Katherine Baker - renewal

Kierston Bartney - renewal

Jennifer Broadwell - renewal

Julee Dickens - renewal

Colby Erle - renewal

Lauren Genesky - renewal

Stefanie Goblet - Renewal

Jonathan Grow - renewal

Catherine Harris

Natasha Wilson - renewal


Mills Park Elementary School

Haley Durgin - renewal

Andrew Mohn - renewal


Mills Park Middle School

Kelly Barber - renewal

Michellle Blocher - renewal

Jessica Matthews

Gregg Thompson


Moore Square Middle School

Katherine Price - renewal

Rachel Sweeney - renewal


Morrisville Elementary School

Michele Lesher


North Forest Pines Elementary School

Rachel Anderson - renewal


North Garner Elementary School

Geshia Cross - renewal

Earnestine Pollard - renewal


North Ridge Elementary School

Joanne Londe


North Wake College and Career Academy

Nadia Campbell - renewal

Oakview Elementary School

Julie Hughes - renewal

Lindsay Scott

Jennifer Taylor - renewal

Michelle Ward 


Oak Grove Elementary School

Laura Grabowski - renewal

Katherine Hayes


Office of Early Learning

Margaret Crouch


Olive Chapel Elementary School

Rachel Sine - renewal


Panther Creek High School

Julie Endsley

Christopher Hoey - renewal

Emily Petersohn

Katherine Waller

Courtney Wayand


Parkside Elementary School

Kytrina Frederick

Tiara Shorts


Pine Hollow Middle School

Cassandra West - renewal


Pleasant Grove Elementary School

Susan Hanson


Rand Road Elementary School

Janet Bork - renewal


Reedy Creek Middle School

Karena Archie

Laurie Bauchman


Richland Creek Elementary School

Casie Daniels - renewal

Janette Johnson - renewal

Shannon Neu


Rogers Lane Elementary School

Gizelle Dangerfield


Rolesville Elementary School

Katresse Credle - renewal


Rolesville High School

Douglas Bradford

Melody Parnell - renewal


Rolesville Middle School

Kinea Epps - renewal

Amy Walter - renewal


Root Elementary School

Amy Koo - renewal


Salem Elementary School

Heather Berk

Joy Calvert

Stephen Damore


Salem Middle School

Jennifer Howland - renewal 

Sara Roberts


Sanderson High School

Frances Auld - renewal

Carson Davis

Linda Driscoll - renewal

Kimberly Price - renewal 


Sanford Creek Elementary School

Belinda McCusker - renewal

Felecia Washington


Scotts Ridge Elementary School

Courtney Beickert - renewal

Laura Nowak - renewal


South Garner High School

Christine Tuttell


South Lake Elementary School

Emily Adams

Christine Carlson


Special Education Services

Heather Livingstone

Stough Elementary School

Amy Gilliam - renewal

Denee Grant - renewal


Swift Creek Elementary School

Alyssa Donnee

Megan Sedaghat - renewal


Sycamore Creek Elementary School

Katherine Nanni - renewal

Danielle Overcash - renewal


Turner Creek Elementary School

Allyn Simon


Underwood Elementary School

LaSaundra Booth - renewal

Heather Callahan - renewal


Vandora Springs Elementary School

Kimberly Absher - renewal

Barbara Renee Zlotnicki


Vernon Malone College and Career Academy

Emaline Parrish

Shelley Sink


Wake Early College of Health and Science

Sarah Bohrmann - renewal

Melanie Lachance

Suzanne Nelson - renewal


Wake Forest High School

Christopher Monte - renewal

Zohra Sadat


Wake Forest Middle School

Ashley Beal - renewal 

Cynthia Beaman


Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy

Kristie Farrell - renewal


Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy

Melody Solomon - renewal


Wakefield Elementary School

Anna Blake Watkins - renewal

Wakefield High School

Denise Furr - renewal 

Robyn Stanek


Wakefield Middle School

Laura Kellerman - renewal

Kimberly Sanderlin - renewal


Wakelon Elementary School

Tiara Harris


Washington Elementary School

Rene Herrick - renewal


West Lake Elementary School

Lauren Roy - renewal

Christine Sales - renewal


West Lake Middle School

Ayanna Gattis

Gregory Somma - renewal

Regina Watkins - renewal


West Millbrook Middle School

Christine Youth - renewal


Wildwood Forest Elementary School

Ashley Fountain

Nicole Smith


Willow Springs Elementary School

Katie Crotty - renewal


Yates Mill Elementary School

Laura Murphy


Zebulon Middle School

Aimee Belt