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YOUR Input Needed!


Dear Bulldogs, Bulldog Families, and Our Surrounding School Communities:


Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School (SRMHS) has some exciting news we are eager to share with you. SRMHS has recently been named an International Baccalaureate (IB) School!


This means that students who matriculate via our high school program have the opportunity to pursue a more rigorous curriculum that is aligned with international standards for their pursuit of higher education and global citizenship. Although in its infancy, you may read more about our International Baccalaureate Program here.


Thus, we are seeking some very important feedback from YOU, our Bulldog scholars and stakeholders in and around the area. Please take a moment to read the following information and complete the feedback form on what our school’s new mission, vision, and values should state now that we are an IB school.


1. Read this two-page document containing our school's current mission, vision, and values.


2. Complete this form to share your suggestions for how we should re-word our mission, vision, and values to be aligned with that of an IB school.


Over the course of the next several weeks, our esteemed members of our School Improvement Team will take your feedback into careful consideration as we compile and compose a proposal on revised mission, vision, and values statements to our staff and administration at the school and county level, that more clearly and thoroughly reflect our institution's academic goals. Please contact the School Improvement Team's Co-Chairs, Dr. KC Berggren ( and Mr. Brandon Hodges ( with any questions or concerns.


On behalf of the entire faculty and staff at SRMHS, we thank you for your genuine feedback on this important step in our school's growth and improvement. We look forward to reviewing your thoughts!