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Visual Arts Part 2/2: Results of Collaboration with Artist Clarence Heyward


Our Visual Arts students recently collaborated with local artist Clarence Heyward, who taught them about his process, background, and how he develops his ideas and symbolism. Together, they discussed possible themes of civil discord, conspiracy theory, isolation and the pandemic, BLM, and injustice. But, they finally voted on a theme of mental health and stress...a very telling topic throughout this past year. They used the theme to create this painting featuring students Jaycee and Daniel as the chosen models.



Please give Mr. Clarence Heyward a follow on Instagram @clarenceheywardart. 

Also, please check out our online exibition hosted by Anchorlight, a studio collective and gallery downtown. A lot of this work was created digitally and can only be seen virtually. The theme of our exibition is "DREAMS," and it was created by students in the Art Club and NAHS at SRMHS. Students’ interpretations of the theme deal with wishes, goals, nightmares, the subconscious, surrealism, and more. 

And, be sure to learn more about the dynamic Visual Arts Program at SRMHS via our school's website and our social media:
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