• Internships

    An internship is a paid or unpaid experience in which students learns by taking on a responsible role as a worker in a company or organization.  Students can use their internship experience to get a glimpse of their future workplace and to determine what career path they will pursue. The Internship Program/Elective is a supplement to formal classroom instruction. Its intent is to significantly add to the vitality of the instructional program and to impact the courses that a student has taken or will take. Internships are recommended for Seniors and must be at least 135 hours in order for students to earn a credit.  1 credit is awarded for successfully completing all of the requirements of the internship. 
    Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that students will be able to obtain an internship.  We have no authority over a company's decision to accept or not accept an intern.  Students must apply with the individual businesses, be interviewed and be selected by that business.  We can do is provide students with the names of companies that normally accept high school interns.  We also can provide opportunities at school for students to participate in internship fairs in which we bring companies out to the school to discuss their internship opportunties and to inteview students on site. Once again, this does not guarantee students an internship, but does provide them with the opportunity to interview.
    Students seeking to have an internship added to their course schedule must complete an application and other documents found in the Student Internship Workbook before being placed in the Internship Program and elective.  Applications are only required if a student is seeking to have an Internship added to their schedule as a 4th or 5th period elective.  The application must be completed and submitted the semester before the students desires to begin the internship.  Students must have secured the internship by the 10th day of the sememster or they will be dropped from the program and will have to select another elective. 
    Students may pick up the workbook from Ms. L. Brickhouse in the CDC in the Student Services area. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Internship Program.  Students must wait until they receive notification of acceptance and their updated schedules before they begin their internship.  
    Below provides details of the Internship process:
    1. Conference with Internship Coordinator (item discussed include: Transportation, scheduling, counselor approval, expectations, and possible placements – must be off campus)
    2. Complete internship application after you have secured an internship with a business or organization
    3. Complete Code of Conduct
    4. Complete Internship Agreement along with your supervisor from your internship location

    During the Internship

    1. Complete workplace orientation
    2. Complete learning objectives
    3. Track and complete of a minimum of 135 contact hours
    4. Complete monthly journals
    5. Maintain communication with your Internship Coordinator
    6. Internship Coordinator will complete a site visit


    1. Complete electronic summary of experience (PowerPoint presentation, Prezi, video)
    2. Participate in final presentation
    3. Complete student evaluation
    4. Completed internship supervisor’s evaluation
    5. Complete thank you cards
    6. Internship Coordinator will award final credit

    Honors Level Enhancement

    Students wishing to obtain Honors level internship credit must complete two (2) of the four (4) enhancement lessons. Lessons include, career interview, career brochure, organization chart, and policy manual.

    Internship Scheduling: Internships do not have to correspond with the school calendar. A student is free to submit their application and begin the internship anytime during the school year. Credit and grades are assigned after the student completes all requirements and submits all work to the Internship Coordinator. Hours can be earned over the summer prior to the school year credit is awarded only if the Internship Coordinator is available to oversee this experience.

    The expected outcomes of the internship experience for students include the following:

    • increased self-esteem and personal growth from successfully meeting new interpersonal and intellectual challenges
    • new skills and knowledge
    • exposure to various work roles and career choices
    • increased understanding of the relationship between school-based learning and the work experience
    • increased opportunities for high school students to explore areas of academic, career, or service interests
    • the development of positive relationships between the Internship Program and the school and the community


    The following businesses are currently offering internships to high school students:

    Contact Ms. L. Brickhouse in the CDC or email lbrickhouse@wcpss.net for additional internship information.