Ticket Information

  • Below are instructions for Parents to attend sporting events on our school campus. 

    Activities at our Football Stadium:

    1. All parents must buy tickets on the GoFan website. We no longer sell tickets at the gate.  All tickets are digital.  Each coach will have a private link for parents to purchase their tickets first.  You may only purchase the designated number of tickets assigned for that particular event.
      • Parents will have 1st opportunity to purchase their allotted number of tickets until the day of the game.
      • On the day of the game, all remaining tickets will be made available to the general public.
    2. Parents should park in the lots in front of the school and in front of the stadium.
    3. Ticket validation will take place at the main entrance of the football stadium. After entering the stadium parents will make their way to the home side of the stadium.  Parents may only sit on the home side of the stadium.  Seating for visiting fans has already been accounted for.

    We will not accept cash at the gate.  All tickets must be purchased on the GoFan website.