• Questions and Concerns

  • Families may request a change to the existing location of a bus stop for safety reasons. The distance from your house to your assigned bus stop is not considered a safety issue. The maximum walking distances in School Board Policy for neighborhood stops are three-tenths of a mile for elementary students, and half a mile for middle and high students. Stops are usually placed on corners and no closer than two-tenths of a mile apart unless safety hazards exist. Buses are routed on state or city-maintained roads only and are generally prohibited from traveling into cul-de-sacs.

    Recommended walk distances do not apply to express bus stops. Parents accept responsibility for driving their children to express stops, which are typically located at public schools or shopping center.

    Here Comes the Bus app

    If you need assistance signing up for the Here Comes the Bus app, please go to www.wcpss.net/herecomesthebus

    Here Comes the Bus customer support is the best resource if your question or concern is related to how the app works. Once you log into your Here Comes the Bus account, select Help. Once there, scroll to the form Customer Support. You will need to provide your email address and the WCPSS school code to make the submission.