• Magnet Express Alternate Stop

    Parents provide transportation to and from express stops, which are typically located at sites such as schools or community centers.

    Students receiving magnet express bus service are initially assigned to the nearest express bus stop location to their address of record with the school district.

    For the 2020-21 school year, magnet express bus rider families may use this form to request assignment to any express bus stop that has been planned for your student’s school. The request form includes a list of available express stop locations. Only existing magnet express stops for your student’s school may be requested. New stop locations are not considered as part of this process. 

    For families who request an alternate express stop after the cut off date, bus service to the alternate express stop is not guaranteed. Requests received after the cut off date will be processed in the order received. It is possible the request may not be approved if the alternate bus stop is on a route that does not have available seating capacity.

    Any approval for an alternate stop is for one year. Parents/Guardians must resubmit each year. Please do not submit duplicate requests as this will delay our ability to respond to your initial request. 

    Up-to-date transportation information is available in your student’s Home Base/PowerSchool account.  More information on Home Base is available at www.wcpss.net/student-information.

     If you need further assistance with bus service, contact your student’s school.