• Course Sequence


     Academy of Information Technology & Cybersecurity
    Four Years at a Glance


       9th Grade Cohort 10th Grade Cohort 11th Grade Cohort 12th Grade Cohort 
    English  English I  English II

    English III or
    AP English 

    English IV or
    AP English

     Social Studies  World History
    American History A
    American History B or
    AP US History
    Civics & Economics
     Science   Earth Science or Biology  Biology or  Chemistry     Chemistry or AP Environmental Science, Physics, Physical Science Physics or AP Physics, AP Biology
      Math I or II
    Math II 
    Math III or AFM, Discrete, Pre-Calc, ICM
    Pre-Calc or ICM, AP Statistics
    Calculus (AP Calculus) 
     Academy CTE IT Electives
    Students must complete one of the two tracks 
    Foundations of Information Technolgy
     PLTW AP Computer Science Principles
     PLTW AP Computer Science Applications Technology Advanced Studies and Cybersecurity
          Academy Internship
    Foundations of Information Technology
     Cisco Networking I Honors
    Cisco Networking II Honors Foundations of Cybersecurity 
          Academy Internship 
     Elective Health and Fitness  Foreign Language I  Foreign Language II  Elective
     Elective Elective   Elective  Elective  Elective
    Academy students will be cohorted in their English, History and Academy elective courses
    Green:  Academy Track I:  Computer Science & Programming
    Blue:  Academy Track II:   Cisco Network Engineering
    Bold:  All Academy Students