Beginning Teacher Support Program

  • We are committed to providing a seamless layer of support for its beginning teachers.  The North Carolina Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP) has been enhanced in our district to provide continuous support to beginning teachers through one-on-one mentoring at the school level, as well as, extensive assistance through school-level group meetings and staff development.  We select veteran teachers to serve as mentors and provide them with comprehensive mentor training.  Mentors serve as coaches and supporters to new teachers, assisting in their professional growth through reflective practice, modeling, and classroom observations.

    This program is a comprehensive wrap-around training and support program for new teachers that includes a mentor component, an orientation, induction activities, and targeted training.

    In addition, we offer support in the following manner:

    • The trained mentor works directly with the beginning teacher to observe lessons and to offer feedback prior to formal administrative observations  
    • The mentor coordinator at each school develops a year-long Support Group Plan tailored to meet the specific needs of the school’s novice teachers
    • Monthly support group meetings are conducted for beginning teachers to foster professional growth through collaboration, dialogue, and reflection on the practice and profession of teaching

    Did You Know?

    • If you are in the first three years of your teaching career, NC considers you a Beginning Teacher.
    • As a Beginning Teacher in Wake County, you will be assigned to a trained mentor who is an experienced teacher in your school.
    • Your mentor will observe lessons in your classroom throughout the year and offer suggestions for continued growth.
    • All schools in the WCPSS have Mentor Coordinators who facilitate monthly school-based meetings tailored to the needs of Beginning Teachers.
    • A team of BTSP Coordinating Teachers provides assistance and support at the district level.
    • All Beginning Teachers have access to staff development opportunities designed to enhance classroom instruction.
    • Professional Learning Teams at each school allow Beginning Teachers to collaborate with peers on issues related to learning and teaching.
    • Each year the WCPSS sponsors the Diane Kent-Parker First Year Teacher Award to recognize Beginning Teachers who have demonstrated significant professional success during their first year of teaching.
    • During year one of the BTSP, Beginning Teachers who participate in a required Beginning Teacher Induction are eligible to receive up to three days additional pay following New Employee Orientation