• Application Processes

  • For the 2024-2025 school year, the Early College application will be open from October 16 through December 14. The application for Magnet and Year-Round schools will be open from October 16 through January 25. Applications are not first-come, first-served. Applicants who are selected for a magnet school, year-round school, or an early college to which they applied are automatically assigned to that school. Only apply to a school or schools you want to attend. Families are notified via email if they receive a seat at a school they requested. If you are selected, you will only be selected for one of the schools to which you applied. 


    Early College, Crossroads FLEX, Magnet, and Year-Round applicants will be notified of their results on late February 2024 via email. This information will also be in the parent account. 


    Understanding Your Results

    In the application portal for your magnet, year-round, or early college results, you will see one of the following for each of your choices: 

    • Green dot, "School Name": assigned/offer accepted (approved)
    • Orange dot, "Applicant Pool": Any student NOT selected for their first choice school is placed in an applicant pool (non-numeric waitlist) even if you are selected for another school to which you applied. An applicant could be in several applicant pools (early college, magnet/year-round). Selection to another school does NOT impact place in the applicant pool.
    • Orange dot, "Unassigned/ Submitted": not approved.
    • Red dot, "Unassigned": not approved.

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