• Apply to Title 1 Pre-Kindergarten

    Image of Pre-k Students

  • The Title I Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to provide a child-centered, developmentally appropriate experience for four-year-old children in need of academic support. The program stresses an environment that motivates learning through exploration and discovery. The goal of the program is to prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to learn and succeed. Screenings for student participation are offered each spring and students qualify based on academic need.


    To have your child considered for the Title 1 Pre-K Program:

    • Your child must be four years old by August 31.
    • You must complete and mail a Pre-K application to the Pre-K Application Center by June 15.
    • Your child must be screened to be considered for a Pre-K placement.
    • Upon receipt of a complete application, you will be notified of your child’s screening appointment.