• Developmental Concerns

    Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s development? Are you wondering what skills are expected for your child’s age?

    • Start with the CDC Milestone Tracker.
      • Complete the milestone checklist for your child. The app will advise you on when to act early, what tips and activities will be helpful, and will compile a summary of your child’s skills.
      • If the checklist indicates areas of concern, you will have a summary to share with your child’s doctor or other providers.

    • Would you like to discuss your child’s development with an early childhood professional?
      • A developmental screening is a brief, family friendly process that helps parents get answers to questions and concerns about their child's overall development. Our early childhood specialists will direct you to resources, services and strategies that are available to support your child.
      • Screenings are available to all families that live in Wake County with young children ages three, four or five and not yet eligible for kindergarten.
      • Call 919-694-8993 for a developmental screening appointment.
      • Bring your CDC Milestone Tracker summary with you to get the conversation started!

    • Preschool Programs Child Find provide evaluations, at no cost to the family, to children suspected of having a disability and assigns eligible children with disabilities to special education services. We serve children who are 3-5 years old, and not age-eligible to attend Kindergarten. If you suspect your child has a disability and needs services, contact the Child Find Office at (919) 431-7700.

Developmental Concerns

If you have any questions about your child's development, please call 919-694-8993 or visit Project Enlightenment.