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Safe Gun Storage: It’s Not Just For Firearms

In the last Office of Security article on Safe Gun Storage we explored the difference between “Inoperable Safe Gun Storage vs Inaccessible Safe Gun Storage.”  In this article we will discuss the importance of Safe Gun Storage for replica firearms and why.  For the purpose of this article, a “replica firearm” will be described as one the several types of airsoft guns that are on the market today. Airsoft guns are a type of mock firearm that shoots a variety of non-lethal projectiles depending on the make and model.  Most often they shoot a hard ball bearing or a water infused pellet.


While there are airsoft guns that have the clear appearance of a toy, they can also be a fully licensed product of a real firearm manufacturer that are designed to look very similar to real guns. Many of these replica airsoft guns function and have operability that is also very similar to their real counterparts.  In many cases, accessories that are used on real firearms also fit the airsoft versions of the same style pistol. 


As an example, let’s look at a real pistol and its airsoft counterpart side by side:

A real firearm with all black metalA replica airsoft gun with an orange ring on the barrel


If you take away the orange tip on the air soft gun on the right, it will appear very similar to the real handgun on the left.


Why practice safe storage for airsoft guns?  These replica guns can make their way into a child’s hands by older siblings that, while old enough to purchase them (most can be purchased by anyone over the age of 18). In the hands of a child, they can create a situation that is just as dangerous as the real thing.


Students often bring things to school that are not appropriate for an educational setting.  When these replica airsoft guns are brought into a school environment, they create a very real fear of their authentic counterparts. Staff and other students who see the weapon will likely not know it is a replica, which can cause panic that leads to school lockdowns and possibly even injuries.


For these reasons and many others, if your child has access to a replica airsoft pistol it is highly recommended that it be treated as if it were real and be secured from young kids until they are able to use it under the supervision of a responsible adult.