• Donations, Refunds and Monetary Transfers

    Students who graduate or withdraw from the district and have funds left in their meal account may request a refund, transfer funds to another student's account, or donate the funds to the school's Angel account to help students that do not have sufficient funds to pay for their meal, so long as the request is submitted by September 1 following the year your student graduates/withdraws from the district. 

    If you do not make a request by that date, the balance will be donated to WCPSS Child Nutrition Services to be used to support the district's school meal program for students. If you need assistance, contact Child Nutrition Services at 919-856-2918.


    • We are grateful for the outreach from many of our parents and community members asking how they can help support school meals and alternative food distribution efforts.
    • To donate the balance of your student's account complete this form. You may choose for your donation to go to:
      • Helping other students who do not have sufficient funds for their meal.
      • Child Nutrition Services to support school meal programming for students.
    • Make a single or recurring donation using the auto-withdrawal feature on MySchoolBucks.com.  This is the same site that CNS offers free to families to manage their student’s meal account. Just go to the “School Store” at the top of your home page, select “Browse All Items”, then “School Meal Donations".
    • Individuals or organizations that want to donate to support CNS operations or to donate to one or more school Angel Accounts can call the CNS Central Office at 919-856-2918 to arrange for a contribution.


    To transfer funds between students attending the same school, contact the Dining Room Manager. To transfer funds between students attending different schools, complete this form.


    To request a refund, complete this refund form. Complete this refund form in Spanish (complete este formulario en español). Please allow up to 6 weeks for your refunds to be processed. If you use the auto-replenishment feature on MySchoolBucks.com, immediately deactivate it to prevent additional withdrawals from your bank account.