• To counteract the educational disruption caused by mobility, the McKinney-Vento Act provides students experiencing homelessness with the right to continue attending the school of origin or enroll in any public school that non-homeless students who live in the same attendance area are eligible to attend (NCHE).

    Wake County Public School System, in accordance with federal legislation, provides transportation to students experiencing homelessness by utilizing regular bus routes and contract services.

    REQUEST TRANSPORTATION: a parent/caregiver/youth can request transportation by contacting the child's school McKinney-Vento Liaison.

    If approved, transportation is only required to be provided to and from a temporary residence and school. Any other request (ex. to and from a daycare) will need approval by the transportation department. A request should be submitted by the child's school McKinney-Vento Liaison.


Contact Us

Call your McKinney-Vento School Contact. You can also use the online form or call (919) 694-0582 to contact the District Liaison. 

Vendor Contacts

    • Burrell 919-261-3233
    • Circle Taxi 919-210-3834
    • CMC 919-650-3754
    • D&D Transit 919-322-0904
    • Lucas 919-790-9388
    • STA 919-364-8094 
    • VGI 919-244-6748