• Student Data

    The number of children and youth in transition in the United States is higher today than at any point since data has been collected. Wake County Public School System continues to see an increase in the number of students in transition each year.

    Total # of Students Identified

    2021-2022     4,747
    2020-2021     4,076
    2019-2020     4,527
    2018-2019     4,365
    2017-2018     3,989
    2016-2017     3,465
    2015-2016     2,940
    2014-2015     2,736

    Data for NC can be found at the NC Homeless Education Profile Page.

    Why do families experience a sudden loss of housing?

    Homelessness is often thought of as something that only happens to people with particular traits, habits, or economic standing, but it impacts people from all backgrounds. Consider the following: lack of affordable housing, job loss, serious illness/accident, natural disaster, significant life changes, child and youth abuse and domestic violence are among some of the reasons for a loss of housing.

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