• School Selection

    School of Origin and 'Base' School

    Students in transition legally have the right to attend either the school of origin or the local attendance area school (known as 'base school' in the Wake County Public School System).

    • School of origin is defined as:
      • the school that the child or youth attended when permanently housed;
      • or the school in which the child or youth was last enrolled
    • Local attendance area school is defined as the school assigned to an address (even if the address is temporary)

    Calendar Option or Other School Choice

    To attend a school that is not the school of origin (see above) or the school assigned to the temporary address:

    • Submit a transfer request through the Office of Student Assignment (919-431-7333).
    • If the transfer is approved, the parent/guardian/caregiver may be responsible for transportation.

    Capped Schools

    A capped school must allow students in transition to return (regardless of the cap) if:

    • the student qualifies for the McKinney-Vento Program, and
    • the student attended the capped school in the prior or current school year.

    Special Education Services Assignments

    If Special Education Services assigns a student to a specific school/classroom that best meets the student's educational needs, the student in transition will attend the school placement. If the family does not agree with the placement, the appeals process through Special Education Services should be followed.

    Application and Magnet Schools

    Approved applications to a magnet or application school that were submitted while a student was in transition qualify the student to receive the same transportation (express or neighborhood) as any other student for that school.

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