Frequently Asked Question - Principal Screening Process

  • Initial Requirements

    Q: Is the Principal Screening Process a requirement for every prospective principal? Yes, it is a requirement for both internal and external candidates. 

    Q: Is the online request with an introductory video required for external applicants? Yes, all applicants receive the same link and process. 

    Q: Have any external Assistant Principals been promoted to Principal in WCPSS? Yes, candidates who are the best fit to meet the needs of the position are given consideration. 

    Q: How is the screening process initiated? Please refer to the Principal Screening Process.

    Q: What are the appropriate steps to take if your Principal/current supervisor does not endorse you? Please refer to the flowchart and contact your area superintendent if you are an internal candidate. 

    Q: What is the purpose of the online request? The purpose of the online request is to provide an opportunity for applicants to expand on their experiences and demonstrate effective written communication skills that answer questions succinctly with evidence to support answers. 

    Q: Why does a video need to be submitted? The video is a venue to showcase your personality and leadership talents. 


    Screening Interview 

    Q: How many Area Superintendents are included in the panel process? Is that number the same for all applicants, internal and external? For both internal and external applicants, all area superintendents are normally on the panel with a minimum of three required. 

    Q: What is an approximate timeframe between reaching out to an Area Superintendent and interviewing with the panel? Screenings are conducted once per month and can accommodate up to three applicants requesting panel interviews who have completed the online application process. Applicants will be contacted by the Administrative Assistant to the Area Superintendent of the Southern Area for scheduling on a first come first serve/earliest opportunity basis. 

    Q: Are specific parameters provided for the data presentation? Applicants are sent a data set and given license to interpret and present in the manner they feel is most effective (from the perspective of a principal).



    Q: Can applicants expect to receive status notifications along the way (Such as receipt of request, receipt of video, result of meeting criteria, etc.)? An assigned Administrative Assistant to an Area Superintendent will acknowledge receipt of request and schedule a screening interview when the online application is complete. 

    Q: When would one expect to receive feedback from the panel? Applicants may contact their area superintendent 2 weeks after the panel for feedback form the panel interview. External applicants will be given a designated Area Superintendent to contact at the Panel Interview. 

    Q: What should an applicant do if they are having difficulty connecting with their Area Superintendent to receive feedback? After 2 attempts, internal and external applicants should send email to  The administrative assistant and Area Superintendent over the email address will be able to assist you.