• School Counseling Internships

    Please note that students are not permitted to contact schools, central office, or Human Resources to request their own placements. We accept placement requests only from the designated university placement contact. All requests must be submitted in accordance with our established procedures and due dates.


    • Rebecca Atkins, Senior Administrator, Counseling and Student Services at ratkins@wcpss.net or 919-694-0573
    • Human Resources at studentteaching@wcpss.net or 919-533-7200


    The WCPSS Affiliation Agreement for Student Teachers, Interns, and Pre-Service Students is a prerequisite for all student placements.

    Requesting and Internship or Practicum Placement for School Counseling Graduate Students

    • University Contact completes the Fulltime Intern Template with:

      • Student name
      • Student email, phone, date of birth
      • Current employment status
      • Curriculum (school counseling)
      • College
      • Desired level
    • University Contact submits the Intern Template to Rebecca Atkins
    • Rebecca Atkins completes placement portion of the template in consultation with the University Contact
    • Students will complete Health Form and Criminal Records Check (CRC)
    • Upon receiving completed Intern Template from Rebecca Atkins, University Contact emails the template and students’ health forms to Human Resources according to the due dates below. HR receives students’ CRC results electronically from the reporting agency via a secure database. Please do not email CRC results
    • Upon receipt of the template, health forms, and CRC results, HR will determine students’ eligibility to complete internships with WCPSS based on a review of all available information. This decision will be communicated to the University Contact and Rebecca Atkins via Human Resources. Students may not begin internships until approved by HR