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WCPSS Leads Nation in National Board Certified Teachers for 11th Straight Year

December 12, 2016 
For the 11th consecutive year, the Wake County Public School System has the highest number of National Board Certified teachers in the country. 

This year, 24 of our teachers earned National Board certification, according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. In addition,109 teachers who had already received their National Board Certification earned renewal of their boards.

Wake County Public Schools has had more than 2,500 teachers earn this high distinction while working in our district. This success is thanks in part to the support we provide to candidates at every step of the process, from initial candidacy to renewal.

Statewide, 99 teachers achieved this “gold standard” in teaching in 2016.

Seeking National Board Certification demands significant time and effort from a teacher. The process requires teachers to analyze their teaching practices and impact on student learning, to take on leadership roles, and to collaborate with their peers. The National Board program is built upon the belief that establishing higher standards for teachers means better learning for students.

Once a candidate becomes a National Board Certified Teacher, he or she is eligible for a 12 percent pay increase from the state.

Currently, National Board certification must be renewed every 10 years.
This year’s board-certified teachers are a part of the last group to certify through a one-year process. The National Board has revised the process to make board certification more affordable and flexible. Teachers now have up to three years to complete board certification.

Our district also is the first in the nation to partner with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to create a program designed to support third-year teachers as they prepare to pursue board certification. In the Beginner to Board-Certified program, participants attend professional development sessions throughout the year and move together through the certification process starting in the fourth year of their career.

Newly certified teachers, along with those receiving renewals this year, will be honored at a celebration in March.

For more information about National Board certification, visit our National Board Certification website

Congratulations to the following teachers who earned or renewed National Board certification in 2016:

Abbotts Creek Elementary School
Gretchen Houston (Renewed)

Adams Elementary School
Ann Young (Renewed)

Apex High School
Patrick Leary (Renewed)

Apex Middle School
Kathryn Block (Renewed)

Athens Drive High School
Heather Hafer (Renewed)

Ballentine Elementary School
Rebecca Martin (Renewed)
Kathy Wall (Renewed)

Brassfield Elementary School
Annette Pakes (New)

Brier Creek Elementary School
Ashley Howey (Renewed)

Broughton High School
Jodi Aker (Renewed)
Katherine Gaskins (New)

Carroll Middle School
Christopher Watkins (Renewed)

Carver Elementary School
Lavonna Chilton (Renewed)

Cary Elementary School
Joy Hancock (Renewed)

Cary High School
Carrie Fernandez (Renewed)
Katherine Oriordan (Renewed)
Carol York (New)

Centennial Middle School
Ryan Millhoff (Renewed)

Combs Elementary School
Bonnie Enfinger (Renewed)
Kelly Wilson (Renewed)

Conn Elementary School
Danielle Sams (Renewed)

Creech Road Elementary School
Molly Dibble (Renewed)

Davis Drive Elementary School
Jean Jaros (Renewed)
Nathalie Powell (Renewed)

Douglas Elementary School
Susan Zelasky (Renewed)

East Wake Middle School
Henrietta Vazquez (Renewed)

Fuquay-Varina High School

Rebecca Bradford (Renewed)
Jessica Nordberg (Renewed)

Garner High School
Joseph Walls (Renewed)
Katherine Woody (Renewed)

Green Hope High School
Tina Robinette (Renewed)
Rebecca Spriggs (Renewed)
Kecia Staib (Renewed)

Harris Creek Elementary School

Felita Eaton (Renewed)

Herbert Akins Road Elementary School
Quaneisha Smith (Renewed)

Heritage Elementary School
Alicia Michel (Renewed)
Tonya Murphy (Renewed)
Edith Poulsen (Renewed)

Heritage High School
Melinda Mouzzon (Renewed)

Holly Grove Elementary School
Teresa Holmes (Renewed)

Holly Grove Middle School
Adam Capps (New)
Charlene Dunn (Renewed)
Meghan Retseck (Renewed)
Jared Smith (Renewed)
Michelle Smith (Renewed)

Holly Ridge Elementary School

Rebecca Rackley (Renewed)

Holly Springs Elementary School
Melissa Baker (Renewed)

Holly Springs High School
Jennifer French (New)
Jayna Huffines (Renewed)

Joyner Elementary School

Heather Pelletier (Renewed)

Knightdale Elementary School
Summer Pittman (Renewed)

Lake Myra Elementary School

Corinne Taylor (New)

Laurel Park Elementary School

Wilson Cheeley (Renewed)
Ashli Hastings (Renewed)

Lead Mine Elementary School

Jessica Uehlin (New)

Leesville Road High School
Yvonne Anderson (Renewed)
Cathleen Batten (Renewed)
Angela Browning (New)
Deborah Mcnally (Renewed)

Lincoln Heights Elementary School
Allison Baer (New)

Martin Middle School
Jeffrey Lembo (Renewed)

Middle Creek Elementary School
Kelly Boylan (Renewed)
Suzanne Clark (Renewed)
Cynthia Flook (New)

Middle Creek High School
Karen Ingram (Renewed)
Deborah Karpel (Renewed)
Jolie Mitchell (Renewed)
Danielle Siverls (New)
Katie Taylor (Renewed)

Millbrook Elementary School
Brandy Garrett (Renewed)
Ma Luy (New)

Millbrook High School
Wendy Edwards (Renewed)
Dail Nixon Midgette (Renewed)
Mary Lynn Wallace (Renewed)

Moore Square Middle School
Jacinta Estes (New)

Morrisville Elementary School
Katherine Bainlardi (New)

Northwoods Elementary School
Teresa Combs (New)
Gail Griswold (Renewed)

Oak Grove Elementary School

Lisa Bridges (Renewed)
Georgette Sammons (Renewed)
Teresa Stephens (Renewed)
Amy Swanson (Renewed)

Oakview Elementary School

Amber Bailey (Renewed)
Janet Glasgow (Renewed)

Office of Early Learning
Janice Azevedo (Renewed)

Olive Chapel Elementary School
Rebecca Beech (Renewed)
Mary Johnson Kipp (Renewed)
Pleasant Grove Elementary School
Megan Baker (New) 

Panther Creek High School

Rosa Baltodano de Rengifo (Renewed)
Steven Haine (Renewed)
Cara Karra (Renewed)
Gwendolyn Shaw (Renewed)

Phillips High School
Kathryn Cox (Renewed)

Pine Hollow Middle School
Harden Barker (Renewed)
Latonya Coley (Renewed)

Pleasant Union Elementary School
Heather Shipley (Renewed)

River Bend Elementary School
Angela Lee (New)
Christine Mclean (New)

Reedy Creek Middle School

Elizabeth Allen (Renewed)

Rolesville Middle School
Paul Cancellieri (Renewed)
Aurelia Evans (New)

Salem Middle School
Sarah Coulter (Renewed)
William Ferriter (Renewed)
Joyce Sugg (Renewed)
Emily Swanson (Renewed)

Sanderson High School
Margaret Lumsden (Renewed)

Smith Elementary School
Sarah Carter (Renewed)

Southeast Raleigh High School
Allison McMunn (Renewed)
Quincey Hyatt (Renewed)
Jessica Miller (Renewed)
Margaret Snellgroves (Renewed)

Swift Creek Elementary School
Gioia Perry (Renewed)

Sycamore Creek Elementary School

Gloria Dragonette (New)
Andrea Lyons (Renewed)
Andrea Mehlenbacher (Renewed)

Timber Drive Elementary School

Jennifer Rucker (New)
Monica Hall (Renewed)

Title 1
Angela Jones (Renewed)
Jennifer Smith (New)

Turner Creek Elementary School
Kathryn Boone-Briscoe (Renewed)

Vance Elementary School

Melinda Covin (Renewed)

Vernon Malone College and Career Academy
Christine Herrman (Renewed)

Wakefield High School
Edward Tharrington (Renewed)

Wakefield Middle School
Gina Ligon-McClees (New)

Wake Forest High School
Bradley Baker (Renewed)

Wakelon Elementary School
Christina Ford (Renewed)

Walnut Creek Elementary School
Roxana Samuels-Kincy (New)

Washington Elementary School
Erin Holt (Renewed)

West Lake Elementary School

Jessica Ezzell (Renewed)
Jennifer Giordano (Renewed)
Melissa Mabry (Renewed)

West Lake Middle School
Karen Kelley (Renewed)

Zebulon Middle School
Tinger Purvis (Renewed)