Round Two Magnet Schools

  • Student at Martin Magnet Middle School looks into microscope.

  • If you missed the initial application period or would like to apply to a different magnet school and meet magnet priority, you may submit a transfer request for a Round Two magnet school at

    In Round Two, magnet schools with available priority seats will consider new applications. These schools are listed below. Applicants who meet magnet priority will be considered for available seats. To be eligible for a priority magnet seat, both the base school and the home address must be considered medium or high socioeconomic status (SES). This is how magnet schools meet the objective of promoting school integration. Find more information about magnet application priorities. Please note that there may not be available seats at all grade levels. 

    Requesting a Round Two Magnet School:

    To apply for a seat at a Round Two magnet school, follow these steps:

    1. Search for your priority at Click on the two links under Magnet School Application to review the level of priority for your base school and your home address. Both the school and the home address must be considered medium or high socioeconomic status to have priority for the magnet school requested. 
    2. Submit a transfer request at Under your child’s card in SchoolMint, click the “+” to Add Form. Start a Request for School Transfer. Select "change of school/hardship" as the reason for the request.
    3. Use the available text box to include the statement "Round Two Magnet. My priority level is..." and include your level of priority for both the base school and the home address. (example - medium/medium) or indicate that you had magnet status at your prior school.
    4. Wait to hear back via text or email. Transfers are processed within 1 to 10 business days. Results will be posted in SchoolMint, and you will receive a text or email based on the preference you selected in SchoolMint. Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of priority seats and not all applicants will be approved.

    If your request is approved, the magnet school will become your child’s assigned school and your child will have magnet status at the school. (If you are currently in a magnet application pool, you will remain in the applicant pool for your first-choice magnet school). If you are selected for a school where transportation is not provided, you will be responsible for transportation to and from school. Check the transportation offered for your address.


    For more information, email