• Graduation Rates

    Graduation rates track students throughout their high-school careers from the day they begin ninth grade. The rates indicate the percentage of students who successfully graduate in four years (called a four-year cohort), or five years (a five-year cohort).

    The N.C. Department of Public Instruction has created a database where users can view graduation rates for the whole district, by school, or by student subgroups.

    Reports are labeled with the year the class, or cohort, entered high school, e.g. “2015-16 Entering 9th Graders Graduating in 2018-19 or Earlier.”

    Who maintains this information?

    NCDPI collects the data and maintains the data and the website, updating it annually.

    How to use the database

    Click on a report. Select Wake County from the drop-down menu and choose a school. To see overall rates for WCPSS, choose “Wake County” in the drop-down menu, then select “LEA Results” on the second menu.

    Where are WCPSS reports on graduation?

    Access WCPSS detailed reports