Employment Verification Service

  • We have partnered with uConfirm to offer a web-based Employment and Wage verification program for our employees. This is an automated service that will provide lending institutions and other verifiers with past and present wage/employment information in a fast and easy manner. 

    The following exceptions apply:

    • Most student loan forgiveness employment certifications

    NOTE: All loan forgiveness forms need to come to Lorraine Dumas in Human Resources at lddumas@wcpss.net except the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) which is now handled by uConfirm.  Employees should fill out and sign the first page of the application and email it to pslf@uconfirm.com.  They will complete page 2, submit it to FedLoan on the employee’s behalf, and email the employee a copy for their records.   

    • New employees who have not yet received their first paycheck
    • Previous employees who left WCPSS prior to 2007.

    To request assistance for any of these exceptions, please email us at HRVerification@wcpss.net.

    NOTE: For teaching experience verifications for obtaining licensure in other states, creditable service and leave balance transfers, and for teaching experience for salary placement in other school systems, please email the Oracle Processing Team at:


    How does it work?

    Are you buying a home? Applying for a loan? Renting an apartment? Purchasing a car?

    Car dealers, landlords, lenders and others that need proof of your employment and income, use uConfirm's online service to complete the verification process.

    If you need to have your employment or income verified, you should refer the verifier to uConfirm's web site where they can complete the verification process online at www.uconfirm.com.


    Questions can be directed to uConfirm's Customer Support Center.

    Email support@uconfirm.com or call (404) 382-5400 and select Option 2.

    Q: Are any special codes required by verifiers?
    A: No, if needed, verifiers will provide uConfirm a copy of the authorization that you already signed for them.

    Q: Is there a charge to employees?
    A: No, this is a free service for employees, if you are charged by a verifier for uConfirm's service, please contact uConfirm. 

    Q: What if a verifier refuses to use uConfirm's service?

    A: Please contact uConfirm for assistance.