• Testimonials from Families

    Here are some thoughts from students and their families about the Indian Education Program.

    From parents:

    • "The WCIEP has been an invaluable resource for our family. It has been wonderful being able to connect with other American Indian families and participate in cultural classes. For example, ribbon shirt/skirt making, basket making, gardening, and a clay class. Being involved with this community has opened the door to many opportunities. For the past few years, I have enjoyed going into my children's classes during Native American Heritage Month and presenting. I owe that to my involvement with the parent committee. Finally, tutoring is a huge benefit. It has helped my kids so much!" -Sherry

    • "Being an 'urban Indian' has its ups and downs, but make no mistake - regardless of your tribe, Wake County Indian Ed helps you feel better as a parent and as a Native American. The future always looks and feels a little brighter after my kids and I participate in an event." - Linwood 

    • "This program has helped our family feel connected to the Native community in Wake County and helped our children explore and understand their Native identity.  The variety of workshop facilitators provide cultural and academic support to set our students up for success." - Kasey 

    • "WCPSS Indian Education has been a great asset to our family. It helps us feel connected to the Indian community in our area, we enjoy the cultural activities that are offered, and our youngest daughter has benefited greatly from the tutoring services. It's a great program to be involved in and I would encourage all Indian families to participate." - Brandi

    From students:

    • "I get to meet new people and make new friends. We get to learn about other tribes." - Ellia, third grade

    • "I like it because it brings people from different tribes together and we get to make stuff that represents different tribes." - Julian, fifth grade

    • "I like WCIEP because we get to do fun activities!" - Armon, third grade

    • "It was fun to learn about how gourds are used for different things in Indian culture. I also enjoyed painting it. That was fun!" - Kaydon, fourth grade 

    • "My favorite craft was either earrings or moccasins, but I love that the program brought me closer to my culture." - Elena, eighth grade

    • "We both enjoy learning about our culture and making new things! There are a lot of fun, crafty things. Plus, you get to see your people and other tribes. It's fun." - Aspen, fifth grade, and Skye, third grade