• Credit for Attendance

    To be counted present, a student must be in attendance 51% of the student school day (arrive by 8:20 am or leave no earlier than 12:00 pm). With prior approval, from the principal, a student will be considered present if she/he is at an official school activity at a location other than the school.


    Be Prepared

    A student should be on time, have materials ready, and ready to learn when entering a classroom.  Please note that dress code, electronics, and tardy violations will result in these consequnces:

    • 1st-Warning
    • 2nd-Warning 
    • 3rd-Warning
    • 4th-Lunch Detention
    • 5th-Lunch Detention
    • 6th-After School Detention
    • 7th-After School Detention
    • 8th-In-School Suspension


    Checking in Late

    Students arriving to school after 8:20 am are to report to the office with a note from a parent. Students will sign in on the computer in the main office. Notes will be coded excused or unexcused by the secretary.  All students checking in late without a valid excused note will be subject to the tardy policy and disciplinary consequences.


    Checking out of School Early

    Students leaving school before 3:20 pm for a medical/dental appointment or some other reason must have a parent report to the main office to check the student out on the computer. In order to check a student out, she/he must be on the list of student contacts and a valid ID card or driver's licence must be shown. If returning on the same day, the student must report back to the office to sign back in on the computer upon return. Because the office activity, students will not be allowed to check out after 2:40 pm. If a student has an appointment that requires leaving after that time, please come early to pick up your child.


    Excused Absences (Board Policy 6110.1)

    • Illness or injury which makes the student physically unable to attend school.
    • Isolation ordered by the Department of Health.
    • Death in the immediate family.
    • Emergency medical or dental appointment or such as appointment that has been approved in advance by the student's administrator.
    • Court when a child is under subpoena.
    • Religious observance that is suggested by the religion of the parents.
    • Participation in a valid educational opportunit such as travel.
    • Prior approval must be documented on the "Request for Excused Absence for Religious or Educational Reasons" form, available in the Attendance Office

    *Absences not classified in the "excused absences" list will be coded as unexcused