• Community Survey Responses


    What should be the district’s top priority as it responds to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?  

    Respondents chose the following as their top priority or second priority:

    • 54% - Academic support during the school day

    • 22% - Providing counseling along with mental health & wellness supports

    • 22% - Expanding student engagement opportunities for students (such as clubs, arts, athletics, etc.)

    • 21% - Academic support outside the school day

    • 18% - Improving school building health & safety to minimize virus transmission.

    • 15% - Providing curricular resources & materials aligned to student needs

    • 13% - Support unique needs of special populations

    What is the top issue facing students & WCPSS schools as a result of the pandemic? 

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    Responses represented in percentages: Effect on students' academic progress 48.8%, Social/Emotional Well Being of Students 40.3%, and Physical Health & Well Being 10.8%.