Senior Profile: Ava Jeffs, Green Hope High School


    ava jeffs with two laptops

    June 1, 2022

    Senior: Ava Jeffs

    School: Green Hope High School

    College: Stanford University

    Major: Computer Science or Biomedical Engineering


    Ava Jeffs is inspired  - and inspiring.

    Her family’s history with cancer inspired Ava to participate in cancer research and to plan to attend Stanford University in the fall - a childhood dream - to major in computer science or biomedical engineering.

    Ava is inspiring to her family and friends in the zealous pursuit of her passions: her educational and career ambitions - and cooking!

    Cancer research

    Ava has volunteered in helping with cancer research for the past few years at UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and has gotten to use computer science to design new medications, therapies and analyze patient data for trends. 

    “I’ve gotten to see how you can use something like computer science as a tool in all these different types of fields. I can use it to continue cancer research” she said.  

    Her family’s history with cancer led Ava to get involved with her community and gain a better understanding of the disease through her studies. When she started in cancer research, she had access to a lot of technology tools that helped her. 

    “Stanford is a great school for research and computer science,” she said. “Being in Silicon Valley also helps with connections with Biotech startups.”

    Before heading to Stanford, Ava will continue her cancer research while interning at the Koch Institute at MIT in Cambridge, MA this summer.


    ava jeffs holding a laptop


    Giving back through entrepreneurship

    She is also passionate about addressing healthcare inequality in the United States. While a sophomore at Green Hope High, Ava started her own company with a breast cancer survivor called Generations United. She and her partner work to provide free mammograms for women without insurance. 

    The company also donates chemo care packages to Duke and UNC Hospitals to bolster the spirits of cancer patients. This summer she has planned a fundraiser golf tournament projected to raise $5,000. She hopes to continue these efforts while studying at Stanford.  

    “We're so proud of what Ava has accomplished! She's worked hard and studied diligently, and her efforts have paid off.  We know this Falcon will continue to soar high!” said Principal Dr. Camille Hedrick


    And for fun…

    Ava’s second passion is cooking! In fact, she cooks all her family’s meals every day.

    “For me, it is something completely different not related to anything else I do that just lets me be creative”, Ava said. “My parents let me experiment in the kitchen.” 

    Her favorite dishes include paella, panang curry and southern food. 

    “Name a dish and I can put a spin on it!” she said.

    ava jeffs cooking in her parent's kitchen