Remote Learning Days

  • The Wake County Public School System has built five “remote learning” days into the fall semester calendar for the 2020-21 school year. 

    These days are intended to support both teachers and students in having sufficient time to fully engage and succeed in their work. For students, it reduces the amount of time they are required to spend online. For teachers, it balances their workload with in-person instruction and provides time to plan.

    All schools have held one remote learning day this semester. Five more remain on Nov. 18, Dec. 2 and 16, 2020, and Jan. 6 and 13, 2021. 

    Some schools may choose to hold a remote learning day on Oct. 28, if there is not already another teacher workday scheduled that week. Your school will notify you if this is the case.

    On remote learning days, students who are scheduled to be in a school building will be home on the designated day. They will participate in assigned learning lessons and support activities.

    Attendance will be taken on these days.

    For more information, please contact your child’s school.