Playing to learn: Powell Magnet Elementary

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    Powell Elementary has a solid history of cultivating students’ gifts and talents with its GT magnet program. This includes a broad array of elective courses supporting core subjects, but also visual, performing and contemporary arts, and media.

    It’s been awesome. But it’s about to get a whole lot more “playful.”

    Play and Ingenuity

    Powell will add the Play and Ingenuity magnet theme in fall 2016.

    The only theme of its kind in WCPSS, this program will be a truly unique learning experience for students and families. The Center for Play and Ingenuity will embed play and game-based learning into every classroom.

    A central element to this program is a schedule that will allow the implementation of "domains"  – themed subject areas from which students may choose. These domains will be team-taught, multi-age, multi-disciplinary and hands-on. 

    Examples of planned domains include: 

    • Media Reconstruction
    • Elements of Design
    • Creative Expressions
    • Arts Innovations
    • Game Creation


    Taking notes


    A strong foundation for learning

    Based on research showing the critical need for opportunities to build meaning through play, students in grades K-2 will have a continuum of interactive, experiential learning opportunities. These opportunities, and the way they are structured, will create a strong foundation of students willing to take learning risks.

    Building upon this foundation, students in grades 3-5 will experience game-based learning. This type of structure across all areas increases engagement, problem-solving, and critical thinking, while students build their tenacity and ability to think flexibly.

    When students leave Powell, they will display ingenuity in action; they will be inventive, resourceful, creative, self-motivated learners

    Trumpet and trombone.


    'We are ... family'

    "We are a committed family at Powell,” said Principal Curtis Brower.  “Dedicated teachers, parents, staff and students work well together to ensure students who are  engaged in becoming stakeholders in their journey of learning."

    As with all of our magnet programs, Powell teaches the state Standard Course of Study, but this innovative approach will be empowering for students and staff alike. 

'Play' at Powell

Learn more about Powell and the new Play and Ingenuity magnet theme coming in fall 2016!


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