• Keeping your child safe

    Our school system has plans and procedures in place to protect your child and communicate with you in the event of an emergency. Our security department works with school staff, local law enforcement and other public health and safety leaders to make our campuses safe places to learn.

    Emergency situations

    Our school system has set up emergency plans for each school and administrative site. Each school has an Emergency Response Team that focuses on prevention and reaction to incidents, and a Crisis Intervention Team that provides support to students and staff after an incident.

    Code red lockdowns

    Schools enter into a code red lockdown if there is an immediate threat to the school. During a code red lockdown, students remain in their classroom or are moved into safe areas. No one is allowed to enter or exit the building.

    Code yellow lockdowns

    Schools enter a code yellow lockdown if there is something in the community that may pose a threat to the school, but there is no imminent threat to the school. During a code yellow lockdown, all students return to and remain inside the building. Activities inside the school continue as normal.

    Who can put a school in lockdown?

    Any school staff member with access to the school’s intercom can put a school in lockdown. This action is often taken with guidance from or in coordination with local law enforcement. The lockdown remains in place until law enforcement officials give administrators an all-clear announcement.

    Communications during a lockdown

    During a lockdown, the principal’s top priority is the safety of students and staff. While communicating with families is critical, it must come second to protecting our students and staff and coordinating with law enforcement. 

    In most all code red lockdowns and in certain situations when code yellow lockdowns occur during arrival and dismissal, parents can expect the following:

    • An initial, brief message will be sent from the school via phone and text to share that the school is in a lockdown. To ensure that you receive communication in the event of an emergency, contact your student’s school to verify or update your contact information. This information will also be posted on the school’s website and linked in an alert banner on the website homepage.

    • A follow-up message will be sent via phone, text and email announcing that the lockdown has been lifted. This information will also be updated on the school website. 

    • If needed, subsequent messages will be sent via email following the conclusion of the incident to provide additional details. This information will also be updated on the school website. 

    Please note that every crisis situation is different. Schools work closely with Communications and Security to provide parents with accurate information as quickly as possible.

    How can I report a safety concern?

    Call the WCPSS Tip Line

    Keep schools safe by sharing safety concerns using the Wake County Public School System Tip Line (919) 856-1911. Students, parents and staff can use this 24-hour, anonymous tip line to report any safety or security concern. 


Report a safety concern

Keep schools safe by sharing safety concerns using the Wake County Public School System Tip Line (919) 856-1911.

Update emergency contact information

In an emergency situation, we must be able to contact you. 

  • Please provide accurate emergency contact information to your child's school at the start of the year.
  • Update your contact information with school staff as soon as it changes.