Spanish teacher
  • World Languages


    We want students' eyes open wide to the world around them. Learning a second language is a key way.

    We offer World Language instruction in grades 6 through 12. Most middle schools offer Spanish, and the vast majority of high schools offer Spanish, French and a third language such as German or Latin.
    Some magnet schools start second-language instruction in kindergarten. Students in these schools might also choose Chinese, Italian, Japanese or Russian.
    In high school, Levels III and IV of a world language are Honors-level courses and precede Advanced Placement courses. Two units of credit in the same language are required for entrance into the University of North Carolina system.

    Benefits of second language study

    • Greater understanding of other peoples and cultures
    • Clearer insight into the structure of the English language, specifically structure, syntax and vocabulary
    • Higher scores on the verbal section of the SAT and other standardized tests
    • More flexibility in thinking processes through problem solving, conceptualizing and reasoning
    • Enhanced career potential in the U.S. and abroad
    • Increased travel opportunities for business, education or pleasure