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  • Middle School Programs


    Our middle school courses are aligned to local, state and national standards. They are relevant to student needs and of sufficient rigor to ensure career or post-secondary options upon graduation. We encourage you to sample the wealth of information available on this site.

    Students also should begin to personalize their secondary experience by joining one of the many extra-curricular activities that are offered in our schools. The many skills developed in these clubs, activities or organizations will prove to be assets as they continue through school, work and life.

    Grades 6-8

    Middle schools are organized into interdisciplinary teams in which two to five teachers assume joint responsibility for the instructional program of a specific group of students. This organization offers advantages for students, teachers and parents. As a team, teachers are better able to address students' needs, and parents will find communication with and among teachers to be easier. Teacher teams prove invaluable in assisting students as they make the academic and social transition between elementary school and high school.

Planning Guide

The Middle School Program Planning Guide describes the core programs, electives and course descriptions for grades 6-8.