• Offering Grants to Schools and Educators

    If you, your business, or your civic organization want to help our teachers and schools be more innovative and effective, consider offering a financial grant as an incentive. We can help you understand our schools' needs and help connect teachers and schools to your opportunity.

    Grant opportunities must be approved by the Wake County Board of Education before teachers or staff may apply, and they must align to the school board's and Superintendent's goals and strategies.

    Types of grant programs

    • Entitlement grants are ones that we are entitled to receive from the state or federal government based upon a formula by which funds are distributed to all eligible school systems that properly complete an application for the grant.
    • Competitive grants are ones that we compete with other school systems or organizational entities. Awards are based upon the interest of the funding agency and the merits of the applicant's proposal, and not all eligible applicants will receive a grant.
    • Collaborative grants are ones where we enter into collaboration with other organizational entities and a different agency is the fiscal agent responsible for managing the grant.

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