• Visitors

    Parents and visitors must enter at the front of the building, sign in at the office via computer and get a visitor badge. Before leaving Green Hope, please sign out in the office.This system is for the safety and security of the entire Green Hope Elementary community. All volunteers must have completed the online application. Please visit the media center any Monday to complete the online application.
    A. All volunteer applicants will complete an on-line application at a school and must receive clearance from the Human Resources Department– Employee Relations before beginning work in a school as a volunteer. WCPSS employees do not need to register as volunteers.
    B. A criminal background check, done by the Human Resources Department – Employee Relations, is required of all volunteers.
    C. Volunteer applicants with a criminal history may not be approved for clearance. No individual will be given clearance to volunteer in the school system if he/she is a registered sex offender. In addition, a volunteer applicant may be otherwise denied when it is in the best interest of the school system.
    D. Applicants to be volunteer coaches must, in addition, complete the “Support Employee” application/approval process through the Human Resources Department – Staffing.
    E. A volunteer applicant who will transport students in a vehicle must hold a valid driver’s license & have proof of insurance. In addition, the applicant must receive specific prior authorization to drive from the Human Resources Department – Employee Relations. Volunteer applicants with a prior driving record that demonstrates a risk to the safety or well being of students will not be approved.
    F. Volunteers who are transporting students for school-sponsored activities or field trips will be held responsible for injuries to students and others. Before transporting any student in a privately owned vehicle, a volunteer must complete Form 1713b, “Notice to Drivers on School Field Trips,” which certifies that his/her vehicle is covered by insurance as required by North Carolina state law.
    G. Volunteers must comply with all policies of the Board of Education. In addition, all volunteers must understand the expectations of the school program, the issue of confidentiality, and any special procedures required by a particular school.
    H. If the decision is to deny clearance, the volunteer applicant will be notified by letter, which gives reasons for the denial and describes appeal procedures. The applicant has 14 days from the date of the letter to appeal the decision and/or to provide any corrections to the information used to make the determination.
    I. A volunteer may be removed from service at any time based on the best interests of the school system.
    J. Schools will keep a record of the number of volunteers and their time worked in the school. The school may be required to report these figures to the school system’s administration.
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