Curriculum Implementation and Review

Curriculum Implementation and Review

  • WCPSS continues to align curriculum resources with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The state standards define what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of each school year or course.

    It is important to conduct curriculum reviews periodically to ensure that curriculum content is current, relevant and aligned with the state standards. We are establishing a review schedule to provide clarity regarding our curriculum offerings to all stakeholders.

    Input from stakeholders, including families

    The Curriculum Implementation and Review Cycle is key to improving learning for our students. It is important that the process we use is transparent to our stakeholders and that it incorporates their input. This includes families. We are establishing “feedback loops” from such stakeholders as teachers, families, instructional coaches and facilitators and department chairs. The input gathered from these groups will be essential in making decisions around curriculum.

    Our district implementation team is comprehensive, comprising educators from Curriculum Development, Counseling and Student Support Services, Data, Research, & Accountability, Equity Affairs, Office of Professional Learning, Leveled Programs (elementary, middle and high schools), Magnet Programs, MTSS, Special Education Services, Technology Services and school-based and Central-Services based administrators.

    Stages of review and development

    The Curriculum Implementation and Review Cycle occurs in four main stages: 

        • Stage 1 - ​​Reviewing and evaluating current resources, including teacher and other stakeholder feedback.

        • Stage 2 - Revising, creating, and in some cases, procuring new content. This stage also requires larger stakeholder feedback. Then we would pilot any new curriculum.

        • Stage 3 - Professional learning, which is crucial for successful implementation of any new curriculum. This would include teachers, administrators, instructional support professionals and any additional stakeholders identified as needing it.

        • Stage 4 - Full implementation for at least three to five years. This would include ongoing professional learning and continued improvement cycles.

    Review timeline

    Following is the schedule of content areas that are being and will be reviewed:

    2022-23: K-12 Social Studies

    2023-24: Healthful Living (Elementary), Arts (Elementary), Behavioral Health - Core

    2024-25: Healthful Living (Secondary), Arts (Secondary), K-12 World Languages

    2025-26: 9-12 Math, Behavioral Health - Supplemental

    2026-27: K-8 Math

    2027-28: 9-12 English Language Arts, Behavioral Health - Intensive

    2028-29: K-8 English Language Arts, K-12 Science

    It is important to note:

    • These timelines will vary based on need.
    • They are subject to change according to the North Carolina Department of Instruction review cycle.
    • WCPSS will provide a yearly update to the Board of Education regarding where we are in the review process.