• Spring 2020 Exam Schedule


    Spring 2020 Exam Schedule Information (PDF)


    *Please note, all dates and times are subject to change.  

    Monday, June 8

    7:25-10:25 Period 1 Exam

    10:25-11:25 Lunch

    11:30-2:18 Period 2 Exam


    Thursday, June 11

    7:25-11:45 EOC Make-Up

                       NCFE Make-Up

    11:45-12:15 Lunch 1

    2:20-2:18    NCFE Make-Up

    Tuesday, June 9

    7:25-10:25 Period 3 Exam

    10:25-11:25 Lunch

    11:30-2:18 Period 4 Exam

    Friday, June 12

    7:25-11:45 Make-Up Exams

    11:45-12:15 Lunch

    12:20-2:18 Post Exam Session

    Wednesday, June 10

    7:25-11:55 English 2 EOC

                       Math 1 EOC

                       Math 3 EOC

    11:55-12:25 Lunch

    12:25-2:18 Post Exam Session



    Per Board Policy 6000, seniors are not eligible for exemption from exams for courses with state testing requirements, including courses with North Carolina Final Exams (Advanced Functions & Modeling; American History: Founding Principles, Civics and Economics; American History 1; American History 2; Chemistry; Earth/Environmental Science; English 1, 3 & 4; NC Math 2; NC Math 3; Physical Science; Physics; Pre-Calculus; World History), End-of-Course Exams (Biology, English 2, NC Math 1, and NC Math 3), and CTE Post-Assessments.


    *The exam schedule is subject to change.


    Special Notes:


    • Students with Biology EOC will test during their class period on June 8th or June 9th.


    • Students are expected to take exams at the scheduled times. Students must be present at the beginning of the exam period to take the exam and must remain for the entire exam period to receive credit for the exam. In order to maintain the integrity of all assessments, students will not be permitted to check out early during exam blocks. Students do not report to class after taking the exam for that specific course.


    • Any student seeking principal approval to take an exam earlier than the scheduled time must present clear evidence supporting the validity of the request. Requests should be submitted to the Attendance Office no later than Friday, May 1, 2020. Requests for courses with state exams are likely to be denied because of state testing procedures and regulations.


    • If absent from an exam, a student must submit a parent note to the Attendance Office upon return to school. The student is responsible for working with the teacher to schedule the make-up exam for a teacher-made exam. For a state exam (a CTE post-assessment, NCFE or an EOC), the assessment coordinator for the state exams will schedule the make-up state exam.


    • Students who do not have a scheduled exam do not report to school on June 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Students only have to attend school for their scheduled exams on all testing dates. Buses will follow the normal schedule. Students who only have one exam on any of these dates, but who must be on campus either before or after a scheduled exam, must remain in the designated supervised areas and follow the schedule provided on those days.


    • According to North Carolina testing policy, students are not allowed to bring electronic devices (other than approved calculators) into the testing room at any time during state testing, including breaks. Any student with a cell phone/electronic device during the testing period must be dismissed from testing, and a misadministration will be declared for that student. A student who has been dismissed for a violation of the electronic device policy must take the missed exam on a make-up day. Per Wake County School Board Policy 3225, the student is subject to disciplinary action by school administration.


    • Senior Exemption forms are due to the Attendance office by 2:30 on Monday, June 1. Late forms will not be accepted.


    • Under no circumstance can students be on other school campuses on exam days.




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