Counseling and Student Services

  • The Sanderson Student Services Department is one of the busiest and most visited locations in our building. Here you will find essential information for your high school career. 

    Hours: 7:00-3:00pm 
    Phone: (919) 881-4800 
    See information below on counselor appointment procedures.


     Staff Member Area of Supervision Email Phone
    Ms. Durenda Johnson Ward

    Dean of Student Services 

    12th grade Rb-Z  (919)881-4800 EXT. 24827
    Mr. Michael Grabiec  

    Students Last Names A-D

    11th grade Rb-Z (919)881-4800 EXT. 24825
    Ms. Molly Avery

    Students Last Name E-K

    9th grade Rb-Z (919)881-4800 EXT. 24824
    Ms. Jill Toborowsky

    Students Last Name L-Ra

    10th grade Rb-Z (919)881-4800 EXT. 24827
    See counselors above  Students Last Name Rb-Z    


    Support Staff

    Ms. Rashunda Jennings Student Assistance Program Counselor (919)881-4800 EXT. 24829
    Ms. Jasmine Traughber School Psychologist  
    Ms. Jennifer Brooks Nurse  
    Mr. Brian Shaffer    Intervention Coordinator (919)881-4800 EXT. 24813
    Ms. Traci Claiborne  Career Development Coordinator (919)881-4800 EXT. 24831
    Ms. Mary Ann Norwood College Financial Aid Advisor  


    Office Staff

     Ms. Ashley Jackson Registrar (919)881-4800 EXT. 24804
     Ms. Liduvina Batista Data Manager (919)881-4800 EXT. 24801
     Ms. Tiffany Jarvis Receptionist (919)881-4800 EXT. 24822
    Ms. Le'Tisha Bailey Attendance

    (919)881-4800 EXT. 24805
  • School Counselor Appointment Procedures for Students

    The counselors enjoy working with students on a one-on-one basis. We encourage students to meet their counselor early on in their high school career and build a relationship with them.

    If you would like to speak with your counselor, you will need to first either send them an e-mail or fill out an appointment slip in Student Services.  Appointment slips should be filled out either before school, after school, or during your lunch period.  Students should not leave in the middle of classtime to make an appointment unless it is an emergency.
    In the email or appointment request slip, be specific of the purpose of meeting.  Let your counselor know what you need.

    The counselor will e-mail you a response and/or send up a slip for you to come down during the day to meet. 

    School Counselor Appointment Procedures for Parents

    If you wish to speak with your child’s counselor, you may email them or call them at 919-881-4800. If you would like to meet with your child’s counselor in person, we ask that you call or email them and set up a scheduled time to meet ahead of time.

    Although the counselors do their best to be accessible, if you come to the Student Services office without an appointment, there is no guarantee that the counselor will be able to speak with you. Often the counselors have other appointments, are working with students, or may be out of their office due to classroom guidance, testing, or meetings off campus.

    If your child is in crisis and you need urgent assistance, the counselors will make every effort to speak with you or we will arrange for another counselor who is available to assist you and your student.
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