• Academic Programs

    Sanderson High School is home to several academic programs designed to enrich the student experience.  These programs include the Academy of Finance, Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, and the Spartan Marching Band.  These programs must meet certain academic requirements.  Students must sign up for classes in these program areas in order to participate.

    Activities and Organizations

    With more than 20 diverse clubs and organizations, Sanderson High School offers multiple opportunities for students to be involved in the larger Sanderson Community.  Community service and involvement is a large part of the "Sanderson Way" and students are encouraged to do their part to make an impact on the community.  Social clubs and teams also provide unique opportunities for students to collaborate and form meaningful relationships with their peers.

    Honor Societies 

    Honor Societies at Sanderson High School represent national organizations and require students to demonstrate excellence in academics, leadership and service in their respective fields.  These specific organizations have various requirements for admittance.