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    Please be sure to keep your email addresses and phone numbers up to date with the school. Parents can verify their contact information through their PowerSchool portal or by contacting the school. Any changes must be made through the school Data Manager, Ms. Batista. You can reach Ms. Batista at lbatista@wcpss.net to update your information.


    School Messenger

    WCPSS Update - April 2023

    To ensure WCPSS and your student’s school can reach as many families as possible during emergencies, families who have not opted in to receive text messages from School Messenger will be opted in automatically.

    On April 13, you may have received a welcome text message from 67587.

    If you have already opted in or opted out, you will not receive the welcome text message.

    If you do not want to receive text messages from WCPSS and your student’s school, reply STOP to opt out.

    If you previously opted out and now want to receive text messages, text YES to 67587.

    If you are unsure that we have the correct contact information for you, please contact the school to verify.

    WCPSS uses the SchoolMessenger notification service to send important information to families through phone calls, email, and text messages. General school news is shared by email and text message. Phone calls are used for urgent school news. 

    Text messages will only be sent to those who opt-inYou can opt-in by texting YES to the shortcode 67587 or replying with a YES to the opt-in text message we will send to your phone. 

    To opt out of all text messages from SchoolMessenger, visit http://www.schoolmessenger.com/txtmsg/ or reply with STOP to the opt-in message that you receive. The school district does not pay for text message charges that may be incurred by you for sending or receiving text messages. Check with your wireless carrier for possible charges. 

    For more information click the following link: https://www.wcpss.net/schoolmessenger

    Talking Points 

    TalkingPoints allows teachers to communicate directly with parents via text messages. TalkingPoints is a free two-way multilingual platform that allows teachers and parents to communicate in their home languages. Parents can reply in their own language and TalkingPoints will automatically translate it to English for teachers.

    Parent Powerchool Accounts

    Parents can create a PowerSchool account to monitor their child's progress, check attendance, and much more. Click here to learn more.

    Parent Canvas Accounts

    Parents can create an account in Canvas to monitor their child's progress. Click here to learn more.

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  • Volunteers play an important role in our school district.  We are grateful to parents and community members who contribute their time and talents to supporting our students.

    Per WCPSS Board Policy 5015: School Volunteers, the school board encourages principals to develop and implement plans and procedures for utilizing school volunteers, including those who wish to volunteer in a virtual capacity. Principals continue to have discretion to determine whether volunteers are needed. If the principal determines that a volunteer is needed for an activity or daily operations of the school, he or she is encouraged to permit the volunteer to be on campus.

    Use the links on this page to register as a volunteer with our district.  All volunteers must pass criminal history and sexual offender registry checks and comply with WCPSS Board policy 5020: Visitors to the School.

    Questions about volunteering in our schools? Contact your child’s principal or email Milton Battle (mtbattle@wcpss.net).