Dear Friends of Sanderson,

    Did you know that we have a pretty amazing list of alumni?! You might be surprised at the wide range of talented graduates who have walked these halls since 1968!  The Sanderson Foundation would love your help getting in touch with other Spartans, as we began to create our very own Sanderson Alumni Association. We hope this will be a helpful way for graduates to stay informed about reunions, events, and other important Sanderson news beyond graduation, as well as a way to celebrate the rich alumni community of Sanderson High School. 

    It only takes a minute for graduates to fill out this form  and you are an official member of the Sanderson High School Alumni Association!

    Help us spread the word by sharing this link (https://www.shsfoundation.org/alumni ) with other alumni, and consider posting on your personal or Sanderson related social media sites! Email amyamoreau@gmail.com with any questions.  There's a lot going on at 5500 Dixon Drive these days...these banners are just the beginning!