Counseling and Student Services

  • The Sanderson Student Services Department is one of the busiest and most visited locations in our building. Here you will find essential information for your high school career. 

    Hours: 7:00-3:00pm 
    Phone: (919) 881-4800 
    How to make an appointment with your counselor: You may make an appointment with a counselor by stopping by Student Services and filling out an appointment request slip. You may also email your counselor to set up an appointment. 
    Who to Contact: 
     Staff Member Area of Supervision
     Ms. Leandra Carpino Dean of Student Services
     Mr. Michael Grabiec   Students Last Names A-D
     Ms. Molly Avery Students Last Name E-K
     Mr. David Donatini Students Last Name L-Ra   
     Ms. Venus Little      Students Last Name Re-Z
     Ms. Rashunda Jennings Student Assistance Program Counselor
     Mr. Brian Shaffer    Intervention Coordinator
     Ms. Traci Claiborne  Career Development Coordinator 
     Ms. Ashley Jackson Registrar
     Ms. Liduvina Batista Data Manager
     Ms. Tiffany Jarvis Receptionist
     Ms. Kim Bunton Attendance
     Ms. Mary Ann Norwood College Financial Aid Advisor
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