Counseling and Student Services

  • The Sanderson Student Services Department is one of the busiest and most visited locations in our building. Here you will find essential information for your high school career. 

    Hours: 7:00-3:00pm 
    Phone: (919) 881-4800 
    How to make an appointment with your counselor: You may make an appointment with a counselor by stopping by Student Services and filling out an appointment request slip. You may also email your counselor to set up an appointment. 
    Who to Contact: 
     Staff Member Area of Supervision Email Phone
     Ms. Leandra Carpino Dean of Student Services (919)881-4800 EXT. 24828
     Mr. Michael Grabiec   Students Last Names A-D (919)881-4800 EXT. 24825
     Ms. Molly Avery Students Last Name E-K (919)881-4800 EXT. 24824
    Ms. Leandra Carpino (Interim) Students Last Name L-Ra (919)881-4800 EXT. 24828
     Ms. Venus Little      Students Last Name Re-Z (919)881-4800 EXT. 24826
     Ms. Rashunda Jennings Student Assistance Program Counselor (919)881-4800 EXT. 24829
     Mr. Brian Shaffer    Intervention Coordinator (919)881-4800 EXT. 24813
     Ms. Traci Claiborne  Career Development Coordinator (919)881-4800 EXT. 24831
     Ms. Ashley Jackson Registrar (919)881-4800 EXT. 24804
     Ms. Liduvina Batista Data Manager (919)881-4800 EXT. 24801
     Ms. Tiffany Jarvis Receptionist (919)881-4800 EXT. 24822
     Ms. Kim Bunton Attendance (919)881-4800 EXT. 24805
     Ms. Mary Ann Norwood College Financial Aid Advisor  
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