• Parents and students, please take a moment to read through the following document as it contains important information and deadlines regarding AP registration: Advanced Placement 2023-24.  (Fall course exam registration deadline is Oct. 30)

    Students who wish to take an AP Exam only and are not currently enrolled in an AP class, please note the deadline to sign up for an AP exam is October 30.



  • What are the advantages of taking AP courses?

    The main advantage of taking an AP course is advanced preparation for college. Additionally, students who score well on AP exams may receive college credit while still in high school. The AP exams are given every year in May. Scores are reported to the colleges designated by the student and range from 1 (no recommendation) to 5 (extremely qualified). Each college determines the scores to be accepted for credit. Colleges may award three, and sometimes six, hours of credit per test. It is the responsibility of the student to check with the colleges in which they are interested in to see if they accept AP exams for credits.

    What is the difference between an Honors and AP class?
    AP classes are college-level courses that are more challenging and rigorous. AP classes require energetic, involved, and motivated students. Honors classes are engaging and attractive for students interested in pushing themselves beyond the academic standard. Our honors courses are rigorous, while still offering support for students just entering more advanced classes for the first time.

    Why should I take an AP class? Honors classes? What will it do to my GPA?
    Students who succeed in AP courses generally do well in college as a result of rigorous academic preparation. AP classes are weighted on a 5.0 scale. If you do well, your GPA benefits from the weighted quality points. However, it is not advised to take AP courses without serious consideration and teacher recommendations. Doing poorly in an AP course will affect your GPA.  It is up to you, your parent(s), and teachers to figure out that balance.  Students who enroll in honors courses are more likely to experience success and engagement in school beyond the secondary level. Participation in honors programs allows students to experience more robust curricular themes and concepts. 

    What AP courses/exams does Sanderson High School offer?
    Each year our AP courses and programs depend on student interest and enrollment. Most frequently Sanderson offers the following AP Programs:
    Calculus AB & BC, Chemistry, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, French Language, Government & Politics, Human Geography, Spanish Language, Music Theory, Physics, Psychology, Spanish Literature, U.S. History, and Visual Arts.

    How much does it cost to take an AP exam?
    There is no charge for taking an AP course at Sanderson High School and currently there is no charge to take the AP exam in May.