• Save the Dates!

    4/14*: PreACT for all 10th graders
    5/5*: PreACT makeup testing
    4/7-5/28: ACT WorkKeys testing window for 12th grade CTE concentrators
    6/4-6/10: Final Exam Week
    *These two dates are tentative dates and could change.

    Please email questions Greta Lumsden at mlumsden@wcpss.net.

    PreACT April 14, 2021

    All 10th grade students are expected to come to school on Wednesday, 4/14 to take the PreACT. The state of NC requires that all 10th graders take the PreACT at school during their sophomore year.

    There are several things that you need to know for test day listed below.

    • Plan to arrive at school no later than 7:25.
    • Student drivers can park anywhere in the student parking lot, regardless of if you have a parking permit.
    • All students will be health screened before being admitted to the building.
    • Breakfast will be available for you as you enter school.
    • Report directly to your testing location upon entering -- no standing and socializing in the hallways.
    • A list of scheduled rooms is attached to this email.
    • What you need to bring: Calculator (calculators WILL NOT be provided by school), No. 2 pencils, a water bottle (water fountains may only be used for filling water bottles), a mask that covers your nose and mouth.
    • DO NOT BRING: Cell phones, electronic devices, smart watches or fitness trackers, or mechanical pencils.
      • Please leave your phones secured in your car or turned off in a backpack that can be placed in the back of the room.
      • If you are caught using any electronic device during testing, even during the break, you will be dismissed, and your test will not be scored.
    • When your testing room has completed testing, the room will be dismissed to go home unless you are riding the bus -- Please exit the building quietly as some rooms will still be testing.
      • If you are riding a bus, you will be moved to a common area once all rooms have completed testing.
      • Buses will depart campus at the normal time of 2:18.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ms. Lumsden at mlumsden@wcpss.net.

    ACT Academy

    The ACT Academy provides free, personalized resources for students in preparing for the exam.  This overview (Links to an external site.) will provide students with basic information about what this service will provide. 

    SAT and ACT Information



    You can find all the resources above, as well as detailed information about each section of the ACT, and learn about the differences between the ACT and the SAT in our google folder here: ACT and SAT Resources